3 Highway Safety Measures Every Truck Driver Should Consider

3 Highway Safety Measures Every Truck Driver Should Consider
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Trucking is a huge business for the transport economy. Being a trucker puts you in a position where you're able to thrill people with the timely delivery of goods but also puts you in a position where greater caution, professionalism, and consideration is expected from you.

While the idea of being a trucker might sound very simple, hitting the highway and cruising your way into cash is not just all it takes to be a trucker. There are alarming statistics that point to the critical state of trucking in America alone. For instance, according to a 2012 report from the US department of Transportation (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), 3,921 people were killed and 104,000 people injured by large trucks.

Given the rate at which accidents involving large trucks could take lives and cost thousands of dollars, drivers are particularly tasked with the responsibility of taking important safety measures and precautions. Following are three safety measures every truck driver should always consider.

Stay up on Weather Report
Weather is a significant player in your driving experience and the safety of other road users. Most road accidents that are linked to bad weather could have been avoided if drivers were well-informed on weather report before hitting the road.

As a truck driver, staying up on the latest weather report in your area and the weather report of your destination will not only help you prepare adequately for the worst driving conditions but may also be saving your life and that of other road users.

A good place to start for drivers in the UK is the Met Office website. US residents and drivers can use the website of the National Weather Office.

Always Stay Alert

This should go without saying. However, a handful of drivers who have learned to rely on the precision of their vehicles often finds it comforting to dose off on the wheel once in a while. While advancement in technology is making our transport system a lot smarter, most deathly accidents that occur on highways are always a result of a split-second's lapse in judgment.

Keeping your life safe requires that you always stay alerted while manning a truck. There is no other route to this. Jimmy Doan, a Houston truck accident lawyer who has handled several truck accident related cases says staying alerted is crucial to staying safe on the highway for truckers. In a statement, he said, "most of the accidents involving guilty truck drivers were usually as a result of drivers slacking off while driving."

It is always recommended that truck drivers put work on hold whenever fatigue and tiredness set in. This will enable them to recuperate and they can safely continue their job once they are well rested.

Avoid Tailgating Other Drivers

A truck is a very large vehicle and being tailgated by one can be a very scary experience for other road users, especially for drivers of smaller vehicles.

It's common to find yourself behind a slow driver while you're desperate to make a quick delivery. Alerting the rather slow driver to give way at the next possible opportunity they have is a better choice. While the legal stance of governments on tailgating is yet to be fully known, the UK government in 2013 was considering making the act a legal offense.

Are you a trucker? The safety of your goods and the lives of other road users can be guaranteed when you follow the best safety measures while driving.

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