These 3-Ingredient Smoothie Recipes Keep Breakfast Simple

No more excuses to skip the most important meal of the day.

Blending up a smoothie is a pretty simple way to get a healthy breakfast made and downed in under five minutes. But because we know some people are at a loss in front of a blender, and others get way too fancy, we found a chart that will solve all these smoothie problems.

The folks at Daily Burn created an infographic with 25 super simple, very tasty 3-ingredient smoothie recipes. Some of them are chocolate flavored -- because we all deserve a little bit of that from time to time. Some of them are boosted with nut butter -- for those days when you need a little extra protein. And all of them are easy to blend up. (Once you've chosen your recipe and got it made, don't forget the super simple hack to clean the blender quickly and easily.)

Without further ado, the 3-ingredient smoothie recipes that keep breakfast simple.

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