Brace Yourself For A Third Kanye West Album This Year

The rapper teases another one could be on the way.

OK, this is cray. Ain't it, Jay?

Kanye West just teased a possible third album coming this year, or at least doing three albums a year in the future. The rapper already released "The Life Of Pablo" via Tidal in February and he  promised us another album, currently titled "Turbo Grafx 16,is coming this year, but that didn't stop him from sending out this tweet on Saturday:

That's right: "3 albums a year." (This must be why we call him Ye Yay!)

But could there really be a third new album on the way? Or does he just mean sometime in the future?

West's reps didn't immediately reply to The Huffington Post's request for comment. The rapper is reportedly still working on final mixes for "TLOP", so adding yet another album would be a ridiculously full workload. Still, West also recently said on Twitter, "Be real," which gives us some hope.

Sure, some people might want to tell West three albums a year is too much and he'll never get them all done, but remember: 

Image: Tumblr

You tell 'em, Kanye.



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