3 Keys to Beautiful UI Design

3 Keys to Beautiful UI Design
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User Interface (UI) design is vital to the success of your website, app, or blog post. When building your newly designed portal, its’ important to have a beautifully constructed UI design that will appeal to your viewers. By working on the design of your portal, it can tremendously increase your monthly unique views in a matter of only a few weeks.

Recognizing this more and more, businesses are transforming their UI designs just to increase the amount of views and time each person spends on their website. Even a large company like ESPN learned that their UI design could use work. Taking in the recommendations of users and making updates to their homepage UI design, ESPN increased their monthly views by 35%!

Creating a Clear, Simple UI Design

Come up with a clear, simple UI design that fits your customers. Knowing what your customers like and dislike will have a clear effect on how you should design your user interface. Let’s take a closer look at how you can successful promote a clear, simple UI design that doesn’t miss a beat.

- No matter how skilled you are, do not add unnecessary elements to your website, blog, or app. While you might be trying to impress customers with your UI design and capabilities, having an overly “blingy” design will disinterest viewers from returning back to your website. Users don’t want to search for information through an over-cluttered page.

- Ask yourself, “Does the user really need this?” before adding anything to your website. It’s important to ask this question, because it puts you in the shoes of the user. See the page how they would and determine how you should proceed with adding in content. Does it really have a place and add value to the website, or does it just contain jargon and needless information?

- Does the content make sense and is it placed correctly? Placement is everything on your page and knowing how to create and market your content efficiently is crucial to the success of your platform.

Never allow the complexity of the UI overpower the capabilities of your average user or else it will lose your viewership quickly.

Create a UI Design That is Flexible

Every user is not going to be the same and your UI design needs to be optimized for everyone.

So can that be done?

Flexibility means having the most basic content design codes to help reach multiple platforms. This includes older modeled laptops and desktops, mobile devices, and newer technology. You want content optimized for every situation!

The background and word color should be schematically picked (traditionally black words, white background) to ensure it works on every device the same. Older technology doesn’t work as well as newer technology and can’t detect newer codes. Technological devices only know what they are programmed, so knowing the most basic programming skills can help create pages optimized for everyone.

Content should be tailored to every user and the design should be maximized accordingly to the situation of the platform. The more accessibility your design has, the more customers you can reach.

Create Consistency and Structure Within Your Content

If your platform has a specific niche or product in mind, keep that consistent throughout the UI experience. Content plays in the overall schematics of the user interface design. How you translate this content will dictate how people view your UI design.

It’s important to have a few pair of eyes filtering through the platform before publishing it live or finishing an update. Go through each piece of content and determine its relevancy to your niche. Does it fit?

If the content does fit, determine if it is placed correctly. Having bad structure in your UI experience will throw off the consistency in your platform. Inconsistent content translates into a user experience being negative, completely ruining the potential of the user returning. So be mindful of the structure.

Use stock photos with managed-rights to attract your viewers. Having unprofessional photos on your website, blog, or app can just be unappealing to users. It also makes the user view your platform as an incredible source and permanently losing that user. Stock photos are professional photos that you can purchase for a small fee. This gives you the rights to use the photo on your website, providing your UI design with fresh, professional photos.

Photos are as important as the content you place on the platform. Credible and cohesive content needs to be met with professional photos to really appeal to a user.

Your UI Design Translates into Leads and Increases Unique Views

Every UI platform deserves to have a beautiful design that can help with conversion rates, unique views to your platform monthly and overall success online. Reach the potential billions of people out there using these three tips and following the best blogs in UI experience. Following these blogs will keep your UI experience updated, allowing you to modify your content and UI design as time passes and techniques change.

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