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3 Lessons My 2 Year Old Has Taught Me About Life

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My son has taught me so much about myself since I had him. He showed me how compassionate I could be for another human, and that my heart was actually ten times the size I thought it was. He also taught me that bodily functions are not as gross as I once thought they were, and that human poop can be really f'ing nasty. Even worse, I am able to sit here and eat a snack as I type about this. Who AM I? Pre-motherhood me would not recognize me.

But that's ok.

My son has also taught me many things about life. I taught this human how to use a spoon, how to walk, and how to count to ten, but he has taught me how to live life.

Here are some of the things my 2 year old has taught me about life.

1. Cry it out, and then move on.

When my son gets upset over something (literally any little thing), he will throw a fit. He will cry, run to his room, and even throw things (I am working on this one). Once he is done letting his anger out, he bounces right back. He turns into a sweet little angel, with his "I'm sorry, mama," and his hugs. He almost forgets what he was upset with and moves on with his life.

This reminds me that it's OK to get upset. We all get a little aggravated when things don't get our way, it's just human nature. It's fine to get upset, but don't let it ruin your day. Take 5 minutes, get your anger out, and move on. Sure, it seems a little bipolar, but what is the point of dwelling on it? Dwelling on your bad situation will only create more negativity in your life, and ain't nobody got time for that.

2. Sometimes it's OK to be honest.

It's no secret that kids are honest. Brutally honest is probably a more accurate word. There are times I ask my son to give me a hug, or if he wants me to play with him and he flat out says no. Ouch! There is a lesson to be learned here, however. Sometimes, it is perfectly fine to say "no" to something we simply don't want to do.

I am constantly feeling the pressure to please everyone around me, even if it means agreeing to something I really don't want to do. I think this is human nature. Of course there is nothing wrong with biting the bullet and doing something for someone else, but when is enough, enough?

We are taught to smile, be polite, and nod our heads. You want me to take on some of your work? Sure!

This kind of behavior is detrimental to our well-being sometimes- believe me, I know. I get so caught up in making other people happy, that I find myself totally not happy. What's in it for me? Maybe it is time to start asking that question more often.

3. Get excited about the small things!

Have you ever seen the look on the face of a 2 year old who just found out they are going to the park? Let me tell you, it is pure joy. It's almost as like every wish of theirs has been granted at that one moment. It's times like these that make motherhood really rewarding, actually.

When is the last time you felt that overjoyed about something? Do you even remember? Personally, I feel excited and happy constantly on the inside, but rarely do I show it. Why? When did it become unacceptable to be excited and happy about the small things?

Do you remember the things that made you happy? It takes a second to remember, doesn't it?

It seems to be the times that I am alone that I find myself celebrating something. I wait until I am in my car, or in my living room, and then I can do my happy dance. Over the course of my life I have been seasoned to keep my "poker face" on in front of others.

Maybe it is our fear of judgement, fear of disappointment, or just plain old embarrassment, but something has taught us to conceal our excitement. I think the world would be a better place if we let ourselves feel our natural emotions, whether its anger, frustration, or excitement. We are all only human, after all.


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