3 Life Hacks from Anik Singal On How to Push Life with a Smile

3 Life Hacks from Anik Singal On How to Push Life with a Smile
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3 Life Hacks from Anik Singal On How to Push Life with a Smile

Life is a bully. A very big bully at that. And one characteristic common with all bullies is that they only pick on those that are weak. Ironically, this happens to be the weakness of all bullies.

Anik Singal was able to recognize this at a very young age. He knows that success is not for the feeble minded. And to be truly successful, you must stand up every time life pushes you down. His Ted talk “Dreams of the Bottom Billion – A New Approach to Curing World’s Poverty” has over 82,000 views on YouTube.

Here are the three life hacks from Anik Singal on how to push life with a smile based entirely on his life.

Life hack one: Positive attitude

At just 12 years old, Anik Singal was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. From that age, he started fighting to live – and not just to live but to live a fulfilled life. Even on his sick bed, he maintained a positive outlook to life.

In his words “I’ve had major problems, spent weeks in the ICU, had many surgeries – but through this entire time, I FOUGHT. I refused to give up. I specifically remember one day about few years ago when I was bleeding profusely and in tons of pain in the ICU and when my nurse came rushing in to help me, I was making jokes and passing lines at her. I remember her saying “In the last 5 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never seen anyone with your attitude…”

Anik is living an extraordinary life today because of his attitude, hope, and positive thoughts. He never for once doubted or stopped believing in himself. Positive attitude like this is important for achieving success and fulfilment in life.

Life hack two: Strong determination

Often times, Anik is referred to as the fighting entrepreneur. And indeed, he’s a fighter. In one of his most popular books, the circle of profit, he said

“I look at every situation through the eyes of a fighter. My on-going joke with my family is that to get me to do anything, all they have to tell me is that I CAN’T do it or DON’T KNOW how to do it. Just that statement is typically taken as a challenge by my brain and off I go!”

In his sophomore year, he fought to be in his high school tennis team. He didn’t make the team at first attempt because of his poor skills. He refused to quit, took lessons and played four hours every day until he improved on his skills. He went for tryout exactly a year after and was awarded the Most Improved Player of the Year.

He started his journey to becoming a digital entrepreneur 16 years ago from his dorm room and today, he is living his dream and also helping other people live their dreams. In just three years, Anik built his business from zero to a multi-million dollar business. Strong determination is one of must have attitude for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Life hack three: Persistence

This is one life hack that is guaranteed to grant you success in life. Because of his persistence and commitment to his goals, Anik Singal is a movie producer, dreamer, fighter, best-selling author, speaker, philanthropist, and every other thing that makes a complete entrepreneur. And he’s also building schools for children in slums through his outreach, For All Our Dreams – a self-sustainable non-profit organization.

He’s the CEO and founder of Lurn Inc., a community that connects digital publishers worldwide with a mission to turn passion into profits. Anik Singal has been recognized by Business Week, MTech, and twice as an Inc 500 CEO.

His book The Circle of Profit is an Amazon best seller read by over 100,000 people. Anik programs and books has been endorsed by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Sir Richard Branson, Les Brown and Bob Proctor.

These life hacks are responsible for Anik success in life. He chose not quit. He chose to fight for life and for his goals. Before you give up, consider these words from Anik -- when life pushes you, stand straight, smile and push it back.

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