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3 Positive Affirmations to Train Your Brain for a Happier Life

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We often fail to realize is our mind's ability to be trained for positive thinking, and positive affirmations can make monumental progress toward re-training your own though processes. While we're busy complaining about our jobs, our bank accounts, and our boyfriends, we are training our brains to be discontent and see fault. By making a practice of positive affirmations, we can correct that negative mindset to see more possibility, joy, and a sense of pride in ourselves rather than disappointment.

I personally like to meditate with these positive affirmations. I find that meditation helps ingrain them into my habits and daily routines. If you want to learn to meditate with these affirmations, check out my new online class. The class can be taken from your phone or computer in less than ten minutes a day, and will teach you to use positive affirmations for a happier, healthier mind life.


We cannot expect to get what we don't believe we deserve. Every accomplishment starts with a mindset of knowing your worth, knowing you deserve to succeed, and believing in yourself to accomplish your goal. Repeating 'I Am Worthy' will help you build confidence in your worthiness of love, success, happiness and personal peace.


We're told as children that adulthood means having everything under control; but life doesn't really work that way (just read my story of beating cancer at age 17!). The key to still enjoying life despite its unpredictability is being open to it. That means, being open to unexpected joy, being open to what's possible, even possibilities you can't see yet. It means being open to people, new ideas, and new ways of growing and evolving into a better you. It means letting life be your teacher and taking the stress off yourself to be perfect.


We like to tell ourselves that there something in our way, something is keeping us from being happy and reaching our goals. We like to excuse our own inaction by blaming it on something or someone else: if I only had this, I'd be happy. If this person only did what I want, then I'd get ahead. But really, you have everything you need right now not only to be happy (yes, happiness comes from a place that isn't affected by your daily problems!), but also take the NEXT step toward your potential. Right now, in this moment, you have everything you need to move one step forward. You might not have everything you need to spring into your dream life, but you have every tool, every skill, and every opportunity right now to move one step further.

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