3 Mini Meditations To Help You Through Your Day (Or Night)

Here are three mini-meditations, moments to just stop and breathe and remember why you are here. A moment to check yourself out, to look within, and to find what is really meaningful to you.
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What stops you from sleeping through the night? Is it when things
are not going your way or they look topsy-turvy and you just want to scream;
when your life appears chaotic and you are not sure if you are coming or going;
or when it feels like everything is piled on your shoulders?

Life should be an exciting
and outrageous adventure. Isn’t it a wonder how a spider weaves a web or a bee
makes a hive? Did you ever notice the small, everyday miracles, like the fact that you can breathe in and out? But how many of us get to experience this miracle? Sometimes life just feels too awful. We want to feel good, we want to be happy, in fact happiness is our brthright. But so often there are just too many difficulties to deal with. And although we
may know that meditation chills us out, if we are feeling stressed or
irritable then it just doesn't seem so appealing.

So here are three mini-meditations, moments to just stop and breathe
and remember why you are here. A moment to check yourself out, to look within, and to find what is really meaningful to you. You can get it
together even when you think it is all falling apart.

Mini-meditations can be done on a train, walking down the street, at
an airport, standing at a bus stop, in an elevator, while sitting in the
bathroom (often the only place you can be alone!). Silently count your out-
breath up to ten times, or walk with awareness of each step for up to ten
steps. Or relax each part of your body, then silently repeat "soft belly" for
five breaths.

If you are at work, then use your lunch hour to find a quiet spot,
perhaps in a park, or even in the office if everyone else has gone out. If you
are traveling then use that time to consciously breathe, letting your
awareness follow your breath from the nose tip to your belly and back out
again. If you are driving or operating machinery and feel you are getting
tense, then stop for a moment, breathe into your belly and silently repeat
"soft belly, soft belly." Focus on any part of the body that is
feeling tight and breathe into it, until you relax and let go. Silently repeat
"soft shoulders" or "soft neck" and so on.

As you walk down the street or ride in an elevator, practice a mini-loving kindness by silently wishing everyone be well, wishing that everyone be happy. In the office you can spend a few moments repeating the names of everyone you work with and wishing them
happiness. On your way home from work reflect on your day and generate loving
thoughts to all those you met. When you send out relaxing and loving thoughts
it relaxes the space around you and often any chaotic or disturbing energies
will dissipate. What you put out comes
back to you ten fold

1. Mini Breath

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Take a deep breath and let
it go. Begin to silently count at the end of each out breath: Inhale...
exhale... count one, inhale... exhale... two, inhale... exhale... three. Then
start at one again. Just three breaths and back to one. Simply following each
breath in and silently counting. So simple. Do this as many times as you want,
eyes open or closed, breathing normally.

2. Mini Walking

You can do this walking along a country lane, a city street, in the office
or the garden. You can walk slowly, normal or fast, whatever feels right. As
you walk become aware of your walking, of the movement of your body and the
rise and fall of your feet. Become aware of your breath and see if you can
bring both your breathing and your walking together. Just walk and breathe with
awareness for a few minutes.

3. Instant
Letting Go

Find a quiet place to sit, have a straight back, and take a deep
breath and let it go. Then quietly repeat to yourself: "My body is at ease
and relaxed... my heartbeat is normal... my mind is calm and peaceful... my
heart is open and loving." Keep repeating this until you have let go of
the tension and are at peace. Then take a deep breath and have a smile on your


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