3 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Email Marketing Campaign

You work extremely hard to create an email marketing campaign. First you have to find the right incentive to get the maximum number of subscribers. Then craft an entire series of emails designed to do one thing: increase sales.

After all that hard work and planning, you don't want your sales to be impacted by a few mistakes. Instead, think about your customer first. Give them exactly what they want, on the platform they use, and don't give them any reason for deleting your email.

Mistake #1: Not being mobile responsive

It's not surprising that 82% of people use mobile phones to check their email. That's billions of people. And 42% of subscribers delete emails that don't display correctly on mobile phones.That simply means that every email you send needs to display perfectly on mobile devices, regardless of size.

GetResponse has over 500 email templates to use at no extra cost. You can preview each email to see what it looks like on a mobile device. Plus, it will make your emails stand out from the crowd, because only 25% of marketers optimize their email for mobile devices!

Mistake # 2: Forgetting your website and shopping cart

It's not enough to ensure that your email campaign is mobile responsive - your entire online presence needs to be mobile responsive. An estimated 27% of websites aren't configured for mobile use. So even if your email is responsive, they'll click away if you send them to a website that's not responsive.

And don't forget to check to see if your eCommerce platform is mobile responsive too. The new mobile commerce market will soon be worth $626 billion! And estimated 34% of consumers have made a purchase on their smartphone at least once. Make the entire shopping process, email to website to checkout, is easy and streamlined.

Mistake #3: Not knowing your "sweet spot"

How many emails to send and how often is your so-called "sweet spot". It's individual to each business, and it's based on unsubscriber percentages. Since each niche and business is unique, it's unlikely that you can copy someone else's email time schedule. Just remember that more is not always better. In fact, 53% of consumers report they receive too many emails from retailers.

So how can you figure out exactly when you should send emails out? Simple trial and error. This can be challenging and takes some time, but there are a wide variety of A/B tests you can run today and get results. Use this free A/B significance test calculator and start analyzing your open, click-thru and unsubscriber rates.

Avoid Common Pitfalls and Increase Your Sales

Selling can be stressful. Rarely do we have people knocking down our doors to purchase our products. It takes the exact right message, communicated at the right time, to motivate most buyers to buy something.

Creating a successful email campaign is an artform. One that isn't perfected overnight. By fixing these simple mistakes, you can increase sales and build a stronger relationships with your customers by eliminating any stressful or frustrating experience.