3 new trends in cloud contact centers to make your business run faster and better.

3 new trends in cloud contact centers to make your business run faster and better.
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“This call is being recorded for quality assurance.”

We’ve all heard that automated phrase--and we hear it so often that it has become a natural part of a call to most large companies. But with new technologies available in cloud contact centers, companies are taking advantage of those recordings to improve business operations. In addition to the usual monitoring of inbound and outbound calls, handling call routing, and managing the quality of calls, cloud contact centers can now accomplish fast and accurate transcription, predict customer behavior, and provide customized, real-time vocabularies to make your call center faster, more efficient, and accurate--which means more cash in the bank.

1. Fast and accurate transcription … without the emotions

Assigning an employee in-house to go through every phone recording and transcribe every conversation is a poor use of time and resources, particularly when this ends up being a manager or supervisor who is trying to understand agent performance or customer experience. Fortunately, machine transcription is at an accuracy and cost level where it can be leveraged by cloud contact centers to accomplish what human transcribers do at about 60x the speed.

Assign your transcription to a machine that doesn’t have bad days or happy hour at 4:00 on a Friday and can multitask at a rate that is impossible for human counterparts. “When customers come to us for a transcription, what they’re really looking for are answers,” said Jay Blazensky, cofounder of VoiceBase, in an in-person interview. “On top of just the transcript we provide keyword and topic analytics so they can quickly get a sense of what’s happening and get actionable insights from their call recordings.” The newest technology available can account for speaker accents, background noise, custom vocabulary, and anything else that might get in the way of a good transcription.

2. Accurate predictions of customer behavior

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85 percent of all customer interactions with businesses will be managed without a human. While some believe that AI can never replace a human completely (we hope!), it can be used to support humans in their roles to increase efficiency and be reliable for consistent and intricate results. AI-based speech analytics solutions can identify voice patterns to gauge speaker intent and make predictions on future behavior based on past data.

By analyzing the last call a customer made before cancelling his or her account and other calls where the customer did not end up cancelling, predictive analytics can provide data on when the customer is upset enough to cancel. This allows businesses a chance to detect accounts about to churn and preemptively reach out with an offer or apology to reduce customer attrition. Integrating predictive analytics with speech recognition has the ability to detect extremely complex events that humans don't even have the capacity to recognize.

3. Customizability

There are times that you don’t have to wait for AI to tell you how to improve. You know your business better than anyone else, after all. And you know that your business is unique, with offerings and a language all its own. That’s why you need a custom vocabulary.

A business’s custom vocabulary consists of all the words—such as pronouns, company names, product names, or acronyms—unique to your specific clients. The contact center can and should be programmed to monitor a business’s specific vocabulary, which can immediately improve transcription accuracy and keyword spotting. You can add industry or business lexicons on the fly with any API or batch request, enhancing speech recognition.

If you can monitor and analyze what your clients are saying, your business is sure to improve. Put your trust in a reliable cloud contact center and take advantage of their transcription, artificial intelligence, and instant improvement capabilities to capitalize on what can be your most precious resource: your clients’ words.

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