3 New Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving isn’t only about turkey and hanging out with relatives anymore. According to the party experts at Evite, 18% of adults 30-39 are dedicating separate gatherings to friends, or expanding long-established gatherings to include friends. Need party inspiration? Evite shares 3 kinds of parties to mix up the traditional Thanksgiving get-together.

1. Wine with Friends: Time spent together is better than time spent in the kitchen. Choose a few finger foods, a bottle (or two) of wine and get together with your bestie(s).

2. POTLUCK: Since 44% of adults surveyed plan to share kitchen responsibilities with their hosts this year, potlucks are making a comeback for Thanksgiving celebrations. Incorporate a potluck for your next office or house party and lighten the cooking load.

3. FRIENDSGIVING: Friendsgiving is Thanksgiving on your own terms. According to Evite, Friendsgiving continues to grow: 35% more events planned so far this year are Friendsgiving-themed over last year. So invite all your favorite people over, serve your favorite food and celebrate the holiday season together.

And, no party is complete without some Instagram worthy dishes. A few recipes that will spice up a traditional menu are cranberry vodka shots, a personalized pie in a jar or Turkey Cranberry Ravioli –noms!


Visit Evite to plan your Thanksgiving celebration.

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