3 Old-School Ways of Releasing Emotions Such as Anger, Blame and Disappointment


Whenever something happens in our life we label as bad, all kinds of emotions run through our body. It causes to stir emotions ranging from grief, fear, anger, blame, disappointment, overwhelm, frustration, impatience, to pessimism. Choosing to hold on to these feelings causes the body stress and anxiety. So, instead holding on to these emotions, they need to be felt and released in order to be in an anxiety-free-and-feel-better state.

I used to do that. I used to keep A LOT OF inside of me. Fortunately, in the recent years I can't and won't anymore and learned to express it more than ever so I could release it and move on. What do I do with it? Here are threeold-school ways yet simple ways of dealing with it, that have helped me tremendously.

1. Write about it.
Journal and examine it. Start for example with a brain dump, writing whatever comes up. And then there comes a moment of mental silence, ask for a higher guidance to chime in. That could be God, Source or whatever you love to call it by. Or you could start right away addressing all of your concerns to your highest guidance.
2. Talk about it.
To someone who is supportive and uplifting. Those kind of people always know a way to guide you to a better understanding and leave you feel more empowered. Note here. When talking about your emotions the intention is about working up your emotions to release the lower vibes and feel better. At the same time respecting the energy of the person you are talking to.
I talk with God about it, just out loud. Telling what I feel and asking for guidance. I send some light and I forgive or better yet I start the process of forgiving
3. Express it through art, music, or dance. I like to doodle or dance.

I am adding two transformational suggestions in the mix:

1. Have the intention to understand the situation/event from a broader point of view.
When I choose to see things from a higher perspective. I feel this higher inner pull I cannot ignore but only follow. And it always leads me to greater understanding, a feeling of love, peace and calmness.
2. Be willing to forgive.
Forgiving the situation, yourself, the person. In the willingness to forgive lies the key to inner peace. Always. Forgiveness comes from a place of love. And love is non-judgemental. It is our egos that chooses to hold on fear, grief, anger, frustration or such. Really, all we need is love. Choose love instead. The place where you feel hurt, really needs love. It needs some understanding, some attention, some acknowledging, some forgiving. So yes, basically the presence of more love.

If we choose to dwell in fear, sadness or anger we will never get to what we truly want.
Don't discard your emotions of fear, sadness, anger, shame. They need to be felt too. Go through them, but don't let yourself or others be drowned by them. And then, let yourself be guided to greater understanding, a higher plane of awareness. From a place of willing to see things differently. Let love in. Pure love. And pour love out. The world needs that, and you too.

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