3 Out-of-the-Box Healers Who Can Help Those in Recovery

3 Out-of-the-Box Healers Who Can Help Those in Recovery
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<p>Alyson Charles, Joanne Stone and Sylvia Christmann</p>

Alyson Charles, Joanne Stone and Sylvia Christmann

Whenever I write about those who help people struggling with addiction, I end up running through the same tried and true list of therapists, addictionologists, sober companions, sober coaches, interventionists and the like. While those folks are often invaluable, the truth is this: the needing-to-be sober aren’t always the only ones struggling. I know I’ve had times in my recovery where I felt worse than I did when I was an actively coke-addicted mess. So consider this part one of a list of some folks that can enhance and enlarge the lives of those who are looking for recovery as well as those who have found recovery and are seeking more.

Alyson Charles, aka RockStar Shaman, is a force like no other. The former national champion athlete incorporates eastern, holistic and alternative practices into what she does, sharing her ancient knowledge, story of awakening and spiritual juju all over the world. Have I mentioned that she’s Oprah-endorsed? Anyone interested in booking her or attending one of her events, click here.

Joanne Stone is a student, practitioner and certified teacher of Kundalini yoga and meditation, an ancient science and tool for healing which originates from the Sikh’s of India. And it’s no mere coincidence that her last name is stone, as she also leads crystal healing activations and ceremonies which focus on cleansing the body, centering energy and manifestation setting. Then there are her workshops, where participants learn how to cleanse, activate and program (yes, program) crystals. In those workshops, people discover the healing properties of crystals and—best of all, if you’re like me and always want a parting gift—get to make their own amulet/talisman. You can contact Stone here.

Silvia Christmann is a growth coach and business mentor who works with high-level entrepreneurs, mindfulness leaders, doctors, hedge fund managers and everyone else who operates at the highest level. And you could hardly accuse her of being a homebody: Christmann has worked in seven countries and has clients all over the world. Her philosophy is based not only on her time spent working in the start-up space but also her own experience making powerful changes in her own life. As she says, “If creating change in your life was easy, everybody would simply do it. Too often, we get tripped up by exhaustion, find ourselves overextended and disorganized, and fall into old habits and unhealthy relationships.” To reach Christmann, click here.

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