3 Painless Ways to 'Hakuna Matata' Your Way Through Life

3 Painless Ways to 'Hakuna Matata' Your Way Through Life
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With advances in technology making it easier than ever to complete everyday tasks and social media making the world a much smaller playground, one would think that stress levels would be an at all-time low. With access to more information than we've ever had in the past, however, it is quite easy to get caught up in information overload.

Because things are so easy to access and use, we often take more on than we should, which results in unnecessary distress on our mind, body and soul. For the aforementioned reason, we need to pull back and implement the "Hakuna Matata" lesson made famous in the 1994 Disney cartoon film The Lion King.

"Hakuna Matata" is a Swahili phrase, which roughly translates to "no problems" and can be compared to the well-known phrase, "don't worry, be happy" in the English language. Worry, stress and doubt, however, plague each of us at some point in our lives. So just how does one "Hakuna Matata" their way through life? Let's dive right into three very easy methods for you to begin with.

Spend Moments in Solitude

A simple method to hone in on the stress-free life that we deeply crave is to spend moments in complete silence. In silence we are able to reflect on all that truly matters and live in the moment, in the now. It is just you and your breath; all else is a distant memory. Try to find a minimum of five minutes a day to spend in solitude (trust me, you have it). Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

Find a quiet space and take deep breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth; smile upon completion.

Remind Yourself

I often wear a Mantra Band on my wrist which reads "Hakuna Matata" as a constant reminder to recall those moments that matter, breathe, relax and make the most out of life. This gentle reminder is quite beneficial.

Now, you don't need to buy a wristband, your reminder may be as simple as a sticky note on your bathroom mirror each morning with the words "Hakuna Matata" or a "Hakuna Matata" mouse pad at work. The key is to recall the meaning of the word. At the very least, it'll make you smile thinking of the Lion King song, and it's pretty impossible to sing it while distraught, so go ahead, give it a hum.

Death-Bed View

I hate to end our list on what may appear to be a glum note, but I find this one of the most effective and easiest ways to snap back into your optimistic state. Let me know if you agree!

Whenever life seems to bring you down, stop and think, "If today were my last day on Planet Earth, would the thing that is bringing me down even matter?" The answer would likely be "no" and you'll want to live your life to the absolute fullest. The regret of many on their death-bed is taking life too seriously and not taking the time to enjoy the things that really matter.

Don't wait until it's time to kick the bucket, write out your priority list now. Write, in order of importance, the things that matter to you most (ie. Family, Friends, Spirituality, Music etc.) Next time your boss rubs you the wrong way, or your child spills juice on your favorite blouse, take the death-bed view. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Hakuna Matata.

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