3 Reasons Donald Trump Scares Me

And why he should scare you.

  1. No Regard for Damage or Collateral Damage He appears to have no regard for the collateral damage he does to people who have been the victims of his business schemes. For instance Trump can say re: Trump University, "If you just learned to do deals and win (at any cost) the way I do business, you will make money. If you can't do it my way, then you won't and the fault will be yours not mine. In fact, you shouldn't have signed up for something that wouldn't work for you (despite all our tactics for getting you to sign up). I wouldn't have. And again that's your fault for agreeing to something that wouldn't work for you not ours for selling you on it. This is a free country and you had the right to say, 'No.'" If you called him on it, he'd smile and say, "Look, that's the price of doing business. Business isn't nicey, nice. There's a reason the strong survive and win. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."
  2. Fans the Flames of Supporters Trump may be able to be very calculating, cunning and able to think clearly when he appears angry and on the attack especially when others are on the ropes (BTW he really isn't angry, he is just using a strategy that works for him). However by fanning the anger of his supporters who are less able to make good decisions when they are angry, he is being very destructive to them and their lives. For instance, he knows how to act angry and never go off the cliff, whereas some of his supporters will react with violence when they're incensed. Again Trump would say, "That's not my problem. I never tell anyone to hurt other people. I might say those other people are 'bad,' but I'm not directing my supporters to hurt them. If they do, it's their fault for becoming violent."
  3. Can't learn from a mistake if he doesn't admit he's made one I don't enjoy making mistakes, however I can admit when I make on, own it, correct it and learn from it. In order to learn from a mistake (since everyone makes them), you have to admit it, own up to it, take responsibility for it AND make amends. Trump doesn't seem to be able to do that. He is smart enough when something hasn't worked to cut and run and change course (something none of his fellow GOP candidates were able do), but since he thinks hurting or taking advantage of people is just the price of doing business (as he brags about getting the better of the clumsy government rules in going through his bankruptcies), he'll continue to do it. When as right as you thought you were is as wrong as you turned out to be, it's painful and important to learn from that. Clinton and Sanders don't believe Trump is capable of that and they're worried that if he's feeling right in pressing the button for a nuclear attack, the wrong as he turns out to do could be globally devastating.