3 Reasons to Overcome the Fear of Technology

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Show me one activity that does not require the use of technology today? Yeah, we may still be able to find a number of these equally important things. But the truth is we live in a digital age where technology is an everyday accessory for most, and one which keeps evolving.

It is now pretty much typical, to buy a mobile phone, computer or some other device and spend some time unravelling it. Just when you think you have it all figured out, a new model is launched. How on earth are you supposed to keep up?

The fear of technology is real. Although, the majority of Generation Z, may not know a world where social media does not exist. The fear of technology is not only experienced by the ‘older generation’ and the absence of this fear does not make you a genius (well, maybe it makes you cooler than the rest of us). ‘Technophobia’ is a phobia related to technology and is defined as “the abnormal fear of or anxiety about the effects of advanced technology.”

If you are still unsure, here are 3 reasons to overcome the fear of technology:

1. Nobody is born tech-savvy

“But you know I am not tech-savvy” is a familiar complaint I have heard from so many people including my mom, friends and a few colleagues. The truth is nobody came out of the womb clutching a mobile phone or using a camera. None of us are born with the knowledge or skill set, but acquired it. Mastery of any skill comes with learning and practice. Realisation is the first step, which should be followed by the willingness to learn. Before I started Nelo’s Halo Blog, I thought I needed to have expert competency level in coding, HTML, Design, etc. and since I am not a certified IT expert, I temporarily nursed this fear. I snapped out of it once I started searching and found a wide array of resources on the internet- Learn at Wordpress.com, Canva. I also reached out to friends in the field, who provided additional guidance. My mum, who is in her fifties, also overcame her fear of gadgets and succeeded in learning how to use MS Office and is the new queen of WhatsApp.

2. You can still enjoy life with technology

Professor Norman Nie, identifies some of the advantages of the internet to include being a “productivity enhancer and an enormously powerful tool to stay in touch.”

From personal experience, I know how time consuming the use of technology can be. I have gotten sucked in countless times, with a quick look at my updates turning into hours on Instagram. Researchers at SQSS found an association between internet use and social isolation. But this is only one drawback. Imagine all the possibilities that exist? We should aim for a balanced life and it is okay to go offline and experience life.

But I love how much easier my life can get, when technology is applied the right way. However, the solutions which technology provide such as: ability to connect with loved ones and business contacts on the other side of the world with Skype, getting directions to an interview on Google Maps, scanning a document with my mobile phone, etc. are great reasons to overcome the fear of technology.

3. Technology cannot replace you

With drones fighting wars, driverless cars, online stores, automated businesses, what will happen to our jobs? This fear is valid but these technologies cannot replace humans. In fact technology has created more jobs and it is beneficial to update your IT skills to enable you make the move, anytime it happens. Thanks to technology, I am able to pursue my passion for writing and connect with an audience around the world.

It was Sigmund Freud who said “anger leads to fear.” Quit blaming technology for stealing jobs and instead use that energy that could be otherwise wasted on staying angry, to learn something as little as setting up your social media page.

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