3 Reasons Wantrepreneurs Fail at Entrepreneurship

Businessman with face pressed against wall, profile, close-up
Businessman with face pressed against wall, profile, close-up

Being an entrepreneur is a fascination many wantrepreneurs want to see themselves being included within. They see all the attention and glamour surrounding the field of entrepreneurship and lustfully want to be included in all the celebration. What they don't account for however, is the long process of work that goes into building your entrepreneurial foundation.

This foundation I speak of is not even the wild success blinded wantrepreneurs seek to possess. This foundation instead, is the right organization of activities that provide you with some form of positive return for your efforts.

The lack of understanding about the entrepreneurial process and the non-development of a strong entrepreneurial foundation; is what causes many wantrepreneurs to crash and burn before they even gain traction as an entrepreneur. Speaking of which, let's take a closer look and find out what exactly makes wantrepreneurs fail at entrepreneurship.

1. Believing Entrepreneurship is for Everybody
Unfortunately, a lot of people will unapologetically sell you the idea that you can be an entrepreneur because they are trying to sell you a product or service. You in turn believe the hype and start to think you are the next Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson.

It just doesn't work like that. Entrepreneurship, as I mentioned, is a process of actions. That means it doesn't produce immediate results due to you taking part in some online course or reading a book. If you are not committed to understanding the process and fine tuning your actions to be effective in producing results; you will never succeed within entrepreneurship.

2. Putting Themselves First
Coming with the I produce it, they will buy it approach is a very bad mindset to possess. Being so arrogant and misguided will quickly humble the foolish person who believes this thinking will work in their favor.

Wantrepreneurs never dig deep enough to understand how to effectively penetrate their intended marketplace. All they see is what can be in it for them and put together some poorly informed plan that just fuels their dreams; rather than satisfying a need or problem for the consumer.

3. Unable to Learn & Adjust
What really leads to many wantrepreneurs demise, is their failure to recognize and address the first two points outlined. Their excuse is that it is everybody but them. And they are right. Everybody recognizes their lousy attempts at being an entrepreneur but them.

Entrepreneurship is a world of constant learning, where even the successful entrepreneurs understand this as fact. Your inability to recognize your mistakes and to readjust your actions will lead you to a fate of perpetual failure. Choose to stay ignorant and your lack of entrepreneurial success will remain non-existent and you continuing to be clueless as to why such is the case.

Can you be included on this list of outlined behavior? If so, take the time now to really learn about entrepreneurship in order to determine if it is truly for you. Don't remain a wantrepreneur. Either graduate to being an entrepreneur or find another profession that you can better serve within.

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