3 Reasons Why Being Dedicated To Your Personal Growth Is So Important

3 Reasons Why Being Dedicated To Your Personal Growth Is So Important
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Carrying around emotional baggage is a heavy burden to bear and must be healed as an integral part of our journeys. Unfortunately, we all have to face at one point or another that our lives aren’t going to get better until we’ve dealt with our issues.

An emotional “clean up” of one’s life can be difficult at best, but the results of making a concerted effort to do so will completely change you and send you where you’re supposed to be – living an amazing, fulfilling, joyful existence. What needs healing on the outside has to be addressed at the roots. However, it takes a willingness and a commitment to finding out why your life is the way it is, what you need to do to change it for the better, and be able to follow through on it.

The bottom line that most people resist and don’t want to hear is that if your life isn’t satisfying, or worse, the responsibility for this lies directly with you. We can place blame outside of ourselves, and rightly so if someone has hurt us deeply, but the fact remains that if you are giving them the power to control your happiness, then that is on you. Not only are you not helping yourself, but you certainly don’t have the capacity to truly help anyone else.

Consider these three points that are important to recognize in order to put an end to the possibly life-long cycle of discontent, and really understand the necessity for personal growth.

1) You have to be honest.

If something major is not working in your life, you have to be truthful with yourself about it. Trying to overlook a situation that has happened to you in the past that was traumatic, or a current situation that you are in that is making you terribly unhappy, is never going to work out. Denial does not work, and you are not fooling anyone, particularly yourself. You are not going to get away with dealing with your issues simply by ignoring them. The situation will haunt you day in and day out whether you consciously acknowledge it or not. It will tap you on the shoulder every chance it gets and say, “Pay attention to me!” It will demand your attention and focus until you deal with it. Having those feelings pent up inside begging you to address them is what is keeping you from having the life you want, and in fact, may be guaranteeing that you never live the amazing life you are supposed to be living. Instead, you will continue to project and carry dysfunction into all of your relationships; and then, you will sit there and wonder why your relationships are a mess, whether it’s with your partner, your kids, your parents, your friends, etc.

There are countless self-help books, spiritual materials, and counselors ready to get you through this. But be that as it may, those resources can’t help if you don’t take advantage of them and the opportunity they provide to heal.

2) You may be focused on the wrong things.

What you are in alignment with is what you are going to get. How many of us are convinced that we are centered when we clearly are not? It doesn’t matter how well you think you can fake it by smiling and acting jovial. Your vibration can still be quite low and feel crappy to everyone around you. Not only that, no matter how happy you pretend to be, the Universe is not easily fooled, either. We all just want to jump straight to the future where we will be fulfilled and all of our dreams will manifest, but that cannot happen until our alignment with it happens.

If you are focused on that which gives you feelings of well-being, wholeness, and contentment within yourself, then you are in alignment and your needs can be met by the Universe. This can be done by trusting and allowing the Divine Order of all things. However, if you are in a constant state of worry, want, and resistance, then you are out of alignment with the flow of creation and your needs will forever remain beyond your reach. The Universe is always giving us everything that resonates with us. We cannot experience what we do not resonate with, and this is how desires become blocked from manifesting. The Universe is a mirror; it does one thing: it responds to our focus, which in turn, dictates our vibration…our resonance. Change your focus, and the Universe will change its response.

3) Your personal growth reaches far beyond just you.

I frequently hear people say, “I know I want to help the world in some way, but I don’t really know what to do. I should be in Africa helping people or something.” First of all, if you were supposed to be in Africa right now then you would be. You are where you are supposed to be at this moment. Maybe someday you will be in Africa or somewhere else helping others, but right now, there is something extremely important that you must hear: “Your growth is your service.” What does that mean? It means that every single time you choose to love, heal, shift, evolve, and allow your own authenticity to lead the way, you are supporting the whole of the planet in more profound ways than you could ever imagine. When you decide to commit to healing the core of your being, and growing and expanding into the light that your soul wants you to be, then you shift not only the energy in your own life dramatically for the better, but you also raise the vibrational frequency of the entire planet. Therefore, when you work on yourself, not only do you personally enjoy a better life, but you are serving everyone and everything in the process.

What we all need to remind ourselves of is this: We attract what we do because of who we are being. Can we attract opportunities if our focus is on the absence of opportunities in our life? No. Can we attract love with a closed heart? No. If our habitual thoughts are negative will we create a positive outcome? No.

Who are you being and is he/she who you truly want to be? Be honest with yourself. Every person on the planet needs to work on themselves for whatever reason…There are no exceptions. Anyone who insists that they are immune to this reality is going to stay stagnant and stuck in a life that requires struggle and despair. So, do yourself a huge favor: take an honest look at yourself and make a command decision to see your personal growth as a top priority. The result will be a life of happiness and fulfillment once and for all.

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