3 Reasons Why Being Grateful Will Change Your Life

There are three key reasons why being grateful every single day will start to improve your life immediately.
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A shot of a young woman standing outdoors with her arms outstretched
A shot of a young woman standing outdoors with her arms outstretched

I used to be one of those people who would read about the powers of being grateful and took it to mean that I should be grateful for what little I do have and learn to love it. Basically, to settle rather than wish or dream for anything bigger.

It wasn't until I found out the true reason why being grateful changes your life for the better (much, much better) that I started taking it very seriously. Now I make sure to find things I'm grateful for every single day. I set aside time to be grateful; that's how important it is because I know it will mean I'll have more to be grateful for tomorrow!

There are three key reasons why being grateful every single day will start to improve your life immediately.

1. You notice what you do have

How often do we take for granted all the good things we already have?

Our health, the health of our children, the roof over our heads, a cold fridge to keep our food from spoiling, a warm bed to sleep in every night, access to clean drinking water... the list could go on.

We whine and complain about things while enjoying all of these luxuries. Try going one day without any of the above and see how insignificant your current complaints may be. I mean, isn't it amazing to have all of those things?!

When we fail to notice what we do have, we don't align ourselves with receiving more. Having a lack mindset, where we just constantly feel like we don't have enough and complain all the time, actually only sets us up to attract more circumstances that make us feel like we don't have enough.

We have to see the good already around us before we can allow more good into our realities.

2. You shift your vibrational energy

There is positive energy and there is negative energy. Positive things (positive experiences, situations, circumstances, feelings like joy, love, freedom) vibrate at higher levels, while negative things vibrate at lower levels. Humans are constantly vibrating at certain levels too.

When we are feeling grateful, happy, hopeful or peaceful, we're vibrating at a higher level, meaning we're a match for other good things that are also vibrating at high levels. And vice versa.

When we're complaining, gossiping, arguing, playing the role of victims...we're vibrating at low levels and thus we're a match for other negative things that are also vibrating at those levels.

When you take time to think about all the things you're grateful for, that will naturally increase the level of your vibrational energy, which in turn will attract more good things into your experience. We cannot attract amazing things if we're constantly vibrating at a low level. Like attracts like; joy attracts more joy, anger attracts more anger. Lack attracts more lack.

The more we complain, the more things we attract into our lives to complain about. The more we are grateful, the more things we attract into our lives to be grateful about.

3. You are open to receiving more good things to be grateful for

Once you're feeling grateful and your vibrational level has increased, you are now in the same "funnel of energy", if you will, as other positive things, which means you're able to receive them. You actually become a magnet for them. (Same thing if you're vibrating at a low level; you're a magnet for more negative experiences and feelings... "When it rains, it pours").

Another way I like to look at it is that whatever we're choosing to put our focus on is like basically asking the Universe/God for more of the same.

What we focus on expands, good or bad.

Being grateful daily is not only beneficial in raising your vibrational energy/your mood/your mindset, but it's putting an order into the Universe/to God saying "Thank you! I love this! Please send me more!"

Recap on how being grateful changes your life:

  • Being grateful helps you to stop and see all the good you already have. This shifts you out of a "lack" mindset.
  • Your vibrational energy has now been increased so that you are a match for attracting positive things like abundance, joy, love, success, freedom, inspiration, amazing experiences, adventures, etc.
  • Now that you're a vibrational match for positive things, you will begin receiving even more awesome and amazing things to be grateful for. Repeat!

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