3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Just Utilize Bloggers Around the Holidays

Every year, the countdown to holiday shopping seems to come earlier and earlier. In July, Amazon's Prime Day, while not a hit with consumers, kicked off Black Friday-style price cuts on thousands of items. Walmart responded with roll-back prices on thousands of their own products. These mid-year flash sales are just one of the many ways retailers are trying to make the most of (and even extend) this important holiday shopping window. Between November and December specials, Christmas Eve door busters and post-holiday clearance deals, when it comes to cashing in on the season, one thing's for sure: brands must ensure they're cutting through the marketing clutter. How can they do this? Through a shopper marketing strategy.

Holiday-related purchases are a win, but what matters most is long-term engagement. It is key to cultivate brand-loyal customers who will purchase products now through the New Year, and the weeks that follow--not just one day a year. The same can be said for good content. If brands want shoppers to consistently purchase their products and are looking for that added spike for seasonality, why would you not flight your content the same way? For brands implementing a shopper marketing campaign during the holidays, below are three reasons why they should consider utilizing influential bloggers year-long.

  1. Build momentum for your products or services. Consumers are slammed with marketing messages during the holidays, as marketers know they are more likely to spend more than usual. But what good is a message if consumers aren't going to respond to it? Having an ongoing conversation with consumers keeps your brand top-of-mind, so when it does come time for holiday shopping, shoppers know the value of your product or service well before the parade of marketing noise hits. Brands are not only relevant during the holidays: you have everyday usage occasions that protect your base, and then you utilize seasonality and unique usage occasions to help drive growth.

  • Bloggers can't be expected to be at a brand's beck-and-call during the busiest season of the year. Social influencers gained their impressive followings because they are experts at content creation, social engagement and maintain authentic personal brands. They will not write a blog or social post about a product they don't believe in; their audience would spot the lack of authenticity almost immediately. If you want quality storytelling about your brand throughout the holiday season, you must first build up a level of trust with these storytellers year-round. Think of your relations with bloggers as a community building effort. If they are passionate enough to recommend your product or service on a consistent basis, their audience will be much more likely to try it.
  • Let your customers tell your story; don't tell your customer what the story is. No one is a better brand advocate than a happy consumer. If a customer loves your product, they'll let their friends and family know. People typically adapt products and services to fit their lifestyles, not the other way around. Brand who force traditional marketing messaging upon consumers are at a disadvantage. Social influencers, however, create unique, relevant content that is relatable to their audience--who in a way, is an extension of their family and friends. Context is a brand's closest ally amidst the holiday marketing clutter, and that is precisely what influencers can give your product with each piece of branded content they craft. But a believable brand story doesn't start during the holiday season; it is told year-round.
  • Bloggers and their content expertise can be the ultimate weapon in your marketing toolbox - when treated as such. Bloggers receive countless offers from brands, so cultivating a season-agnostic relationship with them will ensure your story is the one being shared with the audience you want to get in front of. Creating a continuous message that consumers can truly relate to could be the key to making your holiday season sales all the merrier.