3 Reasons Women Don't Get the Raises They Deserve

By Vicki Salemi for KnowMore.tv

Looking to boost your paycheck? We'll show you how to increase the Benjamins by nixing raise negotiation blunders. Here are the top three mistakes women typically make and better yet, how to erase them.

1. NOT asking and not feeling worthy

When President Kennedy signed the equal pay act in 1963, women earned 59 cents on the dollar compared to men. Now, we earn 81 cents on the dollar. We've come a long way, but still have a lot further to go. One of the first faux pas involves not feeling worthy. Guess what? Your hard work adds tremendous value -- you are definitely entitled to a raise! You must ask for it, it's that simple. If you don't ask, you already know what your increase will be... nothing.

2. We don't show proof

Do homework to gather information and then schedule a meeting with your boss. Create a file containing your accomplishments in quantifiable terms and gather testimonials from colleagues. How much money have you saved the department? What processes have you streamlined? How many people do you manage and train? When you're at the meeting, show, don't tell.

3. Don't ask for a specific amount

Show me the money! Search salary.com and meet with human resources. Ask if they will reveal your salary band and range for your title and statistics, like how performance ratings tied into last year's salary increases. When you speak with your boss after demonstrating your worth, ask for a specific percentage increase and an anticipated effective date. Then send an email to recap.