3 Reasons You Need to See "Priceless"

Let’s call it what it is- 2016 has been a weird year. And that is putting it mildly. The presidential election circus, the constant barrage of shootings and racism on the news and most recently, the clowns. What in the world? Is this real life?

In the midst of all the craziness, in a time when we can easily feel powerless and depressed by what we are experiencing there is hope. I recently saw the movie Priceless and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. This is the first “faith-based-type” movie I have ever seen. Generally these movies are not known for having great stories and overall excellent cinematic experience. Priceless changed all that for me and here’s why:

1. It was not preachy. Quite the opposite. It was beautiful and sad and heartbreaking and redeeming. Everything. All the feels, as the cool kids say. There are definite spiritual themes throughout the movie, but guess what? Most good movies have those same tones and themes running through them.

2. The movie held its own. Regardless of genre, this is a good movie. The actors did an excellent job. The cinematography was great. It was gritty and uncomfortable when it needed to be, they did not shy away from creating thoughtful art.

3. The story was powerful. There is no denying it. About five minutes into the movie I had a lump in my throat that lasted through pretty much the entire thing. Priceless shines a light into ugly places in our culture and redeems it, offers beauty for ashes and love instead of lust.

I am really happily married, so the fact that the lead actor is not totally unfortunate looking is great, but not a major selling point for me, personally. I hardly noticed how super-handsome he was...He also did a great job, you know, acting and did his female counterpart. Together they brought the movie to life with so much hope and heart that, clearly, I can’t recommend it enough. Go see this movie. We need more movies that are thoughtfully made by people who are passionate not about a paycheck, but about the message their art can bring to the world.

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