3 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

Clichés are prevalent throughout our culture because they reflect a certain truth about life. The phrases below are common everyday phrases and are words to live by both in your personal and professional life. Read them with an entrepreneurial mindset and it will provide greater clarity to your business objectives in 2016 and beyond.

1. Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

It's true, you should never judge a book by its cover. We learn that in first grade but somewhere along the line it gets lost. Our society promotes and glorifies one's "cover" so it's difficult to extricate yourself from this view. This is not to say that looking professional is not necessary, it is absolutely necessary but the outside doesn't always reflect what's on the inside. I'd like to use myself as an example to illustrate what I am talking about. On the outside I'm a 37-year-old military spouse living in Virginia and the mother of two kids. On the inside I'm an entrepreneur at heart who works behind the scenes. I have had business meetings on yachts with members of a royal family and represented them in real estate. I have worked with a representative of Katy Perry. I have collaborated with someone who represents the Beckham's and One Direction. I have communicated with several billionaires regarding business transactions. I worked on an off-market $630 million transaction and am working another off-market deal of $1.5 billion. I have done this all remotely. I once had someone say to me, "We've researched you and can't figure out how you are doing what you are doing remotely." I replied, "I'm just a housewife right?" You see, you just can't judge a book by the cover. You have to dig in, ask the right questions and engage before you can make a proper assessment. You wouldn't enter into a significant business transaction without doing your due diligence. It's the same with the people you hire. Dig in, ask the right questions do your due diligence on the most important piece of your business - your employees. I think you'll be surprised what you can discover if you ask the right questions.

2. To Improve is to Change; to be Perfect is to Change Often, Winston Churchill
Richard Nassimi, President and CEO, of The Nassimi Group says, "Every day is a new opportunity to revitalize and strengthen your business. It is important to continually review your business practices to ensure optimal performance is achieved." The Nassimi Group, a real estate development and investment firm in New York, specializes in residential and commercial property and works with investors from around the world.

Richard Nassimi is no stranger to the ebb and flow of the market and in real estate, one has to have a global perspective with local knowledge. As the dollar rose and the Euro began to fall, Richard advised his foreign investors to sell, making them a healthy profit on their real estate investments. His grasp on the market led him to predict the crash in the Chinese market just days before it occurred. Following the crash Nassimi said, "The crash will have a residual impact, showing a slow down in the volume of sales."

Successful business leaders are mindful of the future and adapt and change as our world changes. Real estate isn't a perfect market but The Nassimi Group continually adapts and changes leading the way on the global scene. The world keeps spinning and waits for no one. I suggest you enjoy the ride and be open to the new ideas and opportunities that await.

3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We all know someone who equates being loud to being powerful. There are also those people out there who feel compelled to constantly tell you how incredible they are instead of just showing you. I'd like to introduce you to the quiet strength and resolve of military spouses. Military spouses are strong, resilient and flexible, continually facing and overcoming unfamiliar challenges. Military spouses move to places unknown, leaving friends and family behind. Military spouses have PhDs, JDs, and MBAs. Compared to the general population, military spouses have a higher level of education but are under/unemployed. Military spouses, like their active duty spouse, are fiercely patriotic providing a necessary component of strength to the military. You won't hear that from a military spouse, you just see it because that is how they lead. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are two of the most influential individuals in the world but you won't hear that from them, they will just show you. When considering your next hire, consider those who show you how they lead rather than tell you because actions speak louder than words.

2016 offers an opportunity to start fresh, try different business practices and maximize resources available. Remote business practices will continue to rise as employers find ways to save money and employees seek to have a better work/life balance. The D.R.E.A.M.S program of America's Career Force and our nation's military spouses are awaiting your call and are eager to work remotely.