3 Signs He Wants to Marry You Someday

First comes love, then comes marr…

Actually, let me pause there.

So many women want to know if a guy is serious about committing for the long haul, but they don’t know how to bring it up.

That’s because they know it’s a dangerous topic.

Bring it up at the wrong time, or in the wrong way, and guys get spooked.

That’s why today’s video is all about how you can find out if he wants to marry you someday, without directly asking him the question.

I’ve got a few signs in there that show you he’s making progress in the right direction…

… plus a sneaky question that will help you gauge how serious he is without setting off his marriage alarms.

Check out the video and discover the 3 signs he wants to marry you someday.

Your Coach, Adam

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Summary –

1. He Says That He Wants to Have a Family in the Near Future

After you’ve been dating a guy for about three months or more and you’re in a committed relationship, then you can casually ask him a question that kind of sounds like this: “I want you to imagine that you have your perfect life, everything you’d ever want. In five years, what would that life look like?”

The reason why I like the wording in this question so much and the reason why it works so well is that it turns a serious question into a more fun hypothetical question. Instead of point blank asking him, “So do you plan on getting married in five years or what?” … “Well, not to you.”

Instead of doing that, use the question I gave you. You’ll be more subtle about your information gathering.

2. He’s Committed to You and Only You

I know this seems like an obvious one but it happens too often where a woman will make too many assumptions about a guy who she’s seeing casually and isn’t explicitly in a committed relationship. This brings other assumptions about the future. It’s really important to be in a committed relationship before you start thinking about any type of the serious marriage stuff.

3. There’s Future Progression in the Relationship

Sometimes this might be slower than you’d like, but there’s always some type of progression. There’s always some type of moving forward, whether it’s that he starts out by sleeping over once a week, then it goes to twice a week, then you go on a vacation together, then you move in together.

This is the type of progression you want to be looking for and if a relationship stalls for way too long, then it’s important to start having the “What’s going on” conversation.

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