3 Signs You Are Doing Better Than You Think You Are

3 Signs You Are Doing Better Than You Think You Are
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If you're a millennial, reading this just might be what you need in order to not quit and to keep pushing forward in your life. Everything you're going through at this point can seem very overwhelming. Dealing with college debt, underpaying jobs, plus the pressure to move out of our parents house before 30, can understandably put a lot of weight on you. Especially in a time period where on social media, it appears that everyone else your age is taking extravagant vacations, making tons of money or living this dream life. In actuality, most of us are in the same boat, just trying to find our place in this world. That’s just not the life we like to portray. Social media is life’s highlight reel, so don't compare other people’s highlights to your behind the scenes.

Many of the adults in our parent’s generation seem to think we’re spoiled, impatient and entitled. I’d like to think that we’re just not motivated by the same things that they were once motivated by. I speak for most of us when I say that we know what type of impact we want to have on the world. We know what kind of change we are able to make and we want our lives to serve a greater purpose. There might be times where that comes off as entitlement or impatience, but it is also because the resources and information we have today has given us the knowledge to go out and make an immediate difference, whether that’s big or small. We live in a completely different era than they did, and it shows with the endless amount of opportunities we have.

They also believe we have it a whole lot easier than they did. And there might be a lot of truth to this as well. On the other hand, if you look at the generation that came before them, our parents certainly had it easier than their parents and so on. The point is that everything gets easier as time goes on. The world advances and things change. Of course that doesn't seem to make life for us any easier in the present sense, but focusing on the good things you already have can ease the struggle of some of the things listed above.

One thing that I carry everyday in my life is that positivity and gratitude can make all of the difference in any situation you're in, no matter how bad it seems. If you can take the “glass half-full” approach to anything you go through, then you'll realize that it could actually be worse than what it is.

3 Signs You Are Doing Better Than You Think You Are

  1. You have a Degree- College debt may seem like it'll never go away, but having a four-year degree puts you in a better position than almost 70% of the country in terms of career advancement and employment. Your degree really does matter to a certain extent and it will help you a lot depending on the career path you choose.
  2. You have a Job- If you have a degree, that’s one thing, but if you already have a job, then that’s even better. It might not be ideal or your dream job at the moment, but it is income nonetheless. Many people are desperately searching for employment and with the job market getting more and more competitive, it is a lot harder to find a job than it was a few years ago.
  3. You are Healthy- This is probably the most important thing to be thankful for. Many people would do anything to be in position to not have health issues. In a time where policies about health insurance is under a lot of revamping and debate, it is an absolute blessing to not have any serious health issues that can be detrimental to your future and/or your life.

We’re still young. Life can seem daunting and it'll look like nothing is happening in your favor at times, but with a slight mental shift from focusing on the things you don't have to focusing on the things that you do have, it can make a world of difference.

Take the time to realize that you have good things going for you. That even when it seems everything isn't going the way you planned it, it’s still working out exactly how it is suppose to be. You have a purpose, and you’ll make a difference one day, but be grateful for everything that is going right for you today.

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