3 Signs You're Ready for More Woo Woo in Your Life

Woo woo. New Age. Metaphysical. Esoteric. Spiritual. Mysterious. Are you curious about candles, crystals, divination, and working with the cycles of the moon? Whatever you call it, let's peek behind the curtain to see if you're ready to learn more about all things woo woo.

You Have Hunches... and They're Often Right
You have that gut feeling about everything from which road to take to get to the grocery store to whether or not to apply for that promotion at work. Your friends often ask you for advice because they trust your insight. This isn't coming from any outside source; this is your intuition. When you pay attention to it, your inner knowing doesn't lead you astray. When you ignore that nagging feeling to take the long way to the swanky restaurant for dinner, you suffer the consequences of finding yourself stuck in standstill traffic with your stomach growling, wishing you'd followed your own instincts.

You've Picked Up a Rock and Tucked It in Your Pocket
You've always liked rocks. You collect them from places you go, looking for the one that feels right to you, rejecting so many stones and pebbles before settling on the one that's perfect. You love your rocks and stones, keeping them in windowsills and bowls around your home and office. You've never studied crystals, but you know that certain stones feel better to you than others.

You Drive By "That" Bookstore or Shop In Your Town
You like to drive by "that" bookstore or shop; you know the one I mean. The shop where they sell the crystals and the tarot cards. The bookstore where they do palm readings and serve tea in the back room. You're a little nervous to go inside because you aren't sure what to expect. Will they welcome you? Will you feel at home? Maybe you read about their events, like healing circles and candle blessings, in the local event calendar, but you can't quite muster up the courage to attend. Will your friends think you're a kook?

Are You Woo Curious?
If any or all of these three signs apply to you, you are what I like to call "woo curious." When you're woo curious, you're interested in learning a little more about setting intentions, using crystals, cleansing your space, tarot readings, and similar ideas, but you're not ready to dive head first into the woo pool! When you're woo curious, you'd like someone to be your guide so you can decide if you'd like to learn more.

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