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3 Signs You're WAY Too Available With Men (The Opposite of "Playing Hard to Get")

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I want you to remember this ONE thing: Scarcity creates value.

When something is scarce then it's hard to come by, and that means it's worth more.

This is just as true for dating as it is for diamonds or gold.

A prime example:
If you show yourself as too available then men won't value your time or attention.

Available women are everywhere... but the woman who must be chased?

She must be worth something.

Here's the problem:
You might be giving off signs that you're too available... without even knowing it!

Today's video will help you find out. It's all about the 3 signs you're way too available with men.

Dating--especially in the beginning--is very much a dance.

If you don't know the right steps then you can trip up (or fall flat on your face!) and end up missing out on an opportunity for something truly special.

I know that you're a diamond that's worth hunting for... and if you avoid making these 3 critical mistakes then he will too.

Are there any signs I missed? Tell me in the comments below.

Your Friend,

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1. Suggesting multiple days to meet up.
If he asked you when you might be available to go on a date, don't say, "I'm wide open. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday would be amazing. Any time next week works as well."

If you respond like that, he's gonna look at that text and want to respond with, "Sorry, none of those times are going to work for me."
2. Moving venues to come and see him when he could have easily moved venues to come see you.
I don't care if the dude's with 10 of his friends. If he wants to come see you, let him come to you. Let him make that investment in you.

There are obvious exceptions. Like if he's hanging out with his parents or he's with his grandma and he wants you to come, then obviously go to him. Use your best judgment.
3. Telling him that you'll cancel on your other friends to come meet up with him.
If you try to get out of plans with your girlfriends, not only should your girlfriends slap you, but you should also slap yourself for being way too easy.

The moral of this story is not for you to play hard to get. I want you to be hard to get. Maintain your life and don't overly invest in a guy until he really starts to invest in you.