3 Simple Steps To Help You Quit Your Job

Implement all 3 today

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Are you feeling stuck, stressed and maybe even depressed from being in a 9–5 that you don’t like, or even one that you hate?

I get it. I spent years feeling drained by the daily grind in a windowless closet-turned-office, knowing I was meant for more, but frustrated that I lacked the plan to achieve it.

I watched with envy as my friends built successful businesses and wondered what was wrong with me that I couldn’t figure out how to do the same.

When I finally quit my job 7 years ago, I replaced my income in the first month, and now my mission is to help others who have a similar dream to do the same.

Over 70% of my clients have quit their jobs in a matter of months, to run their businesses full-time, as a result of our work together.

What did they do differently than those who just dream about it?

Here are 3 common actions I see among these high-achieving women, 3 simple steps that you can take right now to move yourself out of that 9–5 job and toward your entrepreneurial dream.

#1 Decide on one idea.

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often when women come to me, they are trying to succeed with 2, 3 or even 4 business ideas at once, plus working in their full-time job.

They’re throwing a bunch stuff against the wall in the hopes that something will stick and be the thing that succeeds, but they’re spending too much time exploring all their options, and testing multiple new business ideas simultaneously is not the most strategic way to spend your very limited time.

You don’t have to commit to this for the rest of your life (you’re not getting a tattoo!) but what if you commit solely to one idea for the next 90 days?

Give momentum a chance to build, snowball and beat that scattered and unclear feeling.

Confused people don’t buy, so keep it as straight-forward as possible — choose one idea, make 1 offering (or 2 at the most), and get known for that thing.

#2 Focus on that one idea (and then show up daily).

How do you focus?

Ask yourself, “What can I do every day to show up and get clients?

And then do that thing, even it’s just for five minutes.

What would that look like?

As an example, maybe you need to get visible. Maybe the issue is just that people don’t know what you’re up to and how it could help them.

If you haven’t replaced your income and quit your job, chances are you are not nearly as visible or as known in your niche as you think you are.

Or maybe it’s that you’re not comfortable with sales, so you’re avoiding selling. Maybe it’s time you learn a way to sell that is empowering to both you and your potential client, and that isn’t pressured, or icky, or “salesy,” but a true win-win for both of you.

You are most likely super-capable and people have probably even been telling you that your whole life. But being an entrepreneur? This might be brand new territory for you.

Focus your time, energy, intention and action, instead of trying to hit everything and everywhere all at once, and you’ll amaze yourself.

You’re learning as you go, and that’s okay. But show up, with focus, on income-producing tasks, and then every day, repeat.

#3 Get real accountability.

Accountability is the quickest way to change our habits and our results.

Beyond tracking, research has found that accountability improves performance. When you report your performance to someone, particularly someone you respect, it adds external and relational motivation to succeed.
During your accountability sessions, you can get coaching and feedback on where you can improve.

When you’re doing something new, it requires consistency, it takes showing up, it takes getting over some fears and discomfort in order to create the habit that will produce the results you desire.

Usually, we need something outside of ourselves in order to show up in this new way. Our brains naturally want to keep thinking the same thoughts and patterns that we thought yesterday, because to our brains, safe is same.

We have to bring in something new and different to help break us out of old, bad patterns.

Hear me on this — the first two steps are NOT going to happen if you don’t get accountability around them.

I want better for you.

Show up with your questions to someone who’s done it, and get that accountability. Start putting these tips to work for you, today.

Just like starting a new exercise routine or a healthier diet, growing a business goes much faster if you have a guide and a buddy to do it with.

As my client Heather says, the right community and the right mentor have been “the support I have needed to train my brain to be an entrepreneur and not a worker bee!”


With these 3 simple steps, you’ll gain more clarity and momentum than you ever will by thinking about it, and you’ll have made tangible progress toward quitting your job.

How about you?

Are you already using these steps, and how are they working for you? Or, do you have questions about how they apply to your business? Ask below!

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