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3 Simple Things To Implement Now To Become A Superior Mom

If you take the small steps at the beginning, and then bigger as you get used to this, then it's possible to become this Superior Mom. And if everyone starts doing this, then the phrase Superior Mom will become the standard.
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The magazines we read, the blog posts we read, the talk we talk with friends and colleagues all comes down to one thing -- show off.

We're supposed to handle every challenge during the day, and then some more. We're supposed to make all meals from scratch, spend a couple of hours at the gym, work from 9-5, follow up on the kids' sports activities, have romantic relationship with our significant other, throw huge family gatherings and so on and so forth.

Don't you feel exhausted?


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And that's even before you've started this insane journey. I guess you won't even start because you'd get so overwhelmed by all these tasks you're supposed to manage as a mum.

But let me tell you a secret -- it is possible.

If you take the small steps at the beginning, and then bigger as you get used to this, then it's possible to become this Superior Mom. And if everyone starts doing this, then the phrase Superior Mom will become the standard.

I'll give you my three startup tips, that you can implement now, and see results almost immediately.

My first tip is to become less serious.

Drop the facade building you're doing.

You know, your kids won't die if they don't have a three course lunch menu prepared from scratch every day.

And the world doesn't really fall apart if your house has dust in it. In fact, if it has some dust, and if there are some toys laying around, well guess what? People that come visit will know there's a family living there.

And if you really wanna go the whole way -- take a day off. I don't mean from your paid work, but from your family. Go pamper yourself alone -- or with a really good friend if you don't wanna go alone.

A happy mom leads to a happy family.

And no mom will forever stay happy if they can't pamper themselves from time to time.

Tip number two is to declutter your life.

This could actually become an activity for the whole family.

This is the one that relies on some hard action. You literally need to go through every drawer, every closet, every box in the attic and in the basement. And in your garage too.

I guess you already know this might take a few days.

Have you watched the Hoarders programs? Well, you don't wanna end up like them, do you?

Instead of looking at the amount of work you need to put down, focus on the end result. And there's not only one end result, there's several.

You can have a garage sale and make some money, but you can also just donate everything to charity. Some places they even come by with a truck and pick all your stuff up.

But the main result, is the new organized home you've gotten.

All the clothes that were too small, all the broken toys, all the utensils in the kitchen that was stuffed way back in the shelves. All the magazines that had piled up, all the bedsheets that you got for Christmas and never used, all those half empty bottles of shampoo. All the papers stuffed in card boxes.

When you've finished this tip, those things have "magically" disappeared.

Tip number three is to make a budget


I could actually hear your thoughts through the Internet.

But lets be honest here, if you'd always go around worrying about money, and that they all seem to magically disappear all the time, you will not feel energetic, happy, relaxed or joyful.

And as I said, that's the whole point when it comes to being The Superior Mom.

So, schedule up, find those bank statements, get your income down on paper, as well as all your regular payments as mortgage, school, electricity, newspaper and so on and so forth.

When you have the numbers in front of you, does anything come to mind, that you don't really need to be spending money on?

Well, do something about it.

The money you'll save, you might consider placing in a savings account, and save up to next years holiday. Only your thoughts are your limit in this.

I promise you, that you'll sleep better after you've done this exercise. You might not have found the solution to your money issues, but at least you now know the numbers, instead of going around worrying about how bad it might be.

Well, that's it. If you implement those three things, I know that you'll be happier within the next week. I know you'll stop taking yourself so serious. I know you'll feel better. I know you'll have more time to spend with your family. You will be more present, since you've cleared some clutter laying around bothering you.

But I also know that habits takes time to change, and that it's easy to fall back into old patterns. An implementation of new things takes from 15-21 days to really stick.

I'll cheer you along your way to become The Superior Mom.