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3 Simple Ways to Manage Diabetes

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With as much as three million Americans living with type 1 diabetes (T1B), and an alarming 371 million of the world's population living with the disease, finding an effective and yet simple way to manage it is a step anyone with diabetes should look to.

With no current cure, diabetes easily falls among one of the world's scariest diseases. Experts have recommended maintaining a healthy living and eating habit as a way to manage the disease and/or prevent it for those who are yet to be diagnosed with it.

For people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, worrying and allowing the ailment to get the better part of you is not an option that should be considered. Finding the most effecting means to ensure the disease is well managed should be a top priority. The following are three simple ways to manage diabetes.

Lose Weight

In order to minimize the effects of diabetes on your lifestyle, losing weight should be the first step to managing the disease. With data showing that eight out of every ten type 2 diabetes patient is overweight, it's obvious that getting rid of useless body fat, especially the fat around the belly which is the leading cause of diabetes, is a powerful step towards putting your diabetes under control.
The first step towards reducing your weight is to design a work-out regimen that will encourage you to actually do the exercise needed. You might not have to register to the gym -- even though this is a highly recommended step if you seriously want to succeed in losing weight. The most important step is to become physically active and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Drive less and walk often, and join a focus group with similar challenges who can motivate you to get your body into a perfect shape.

Stay on a Healthy Diet

Your diet is also very critical to successfully managing obesity.

While living with diabetes doesn't mean you have to be deprived of delicious meal, being able to structure your diet in a way that it helps your weight loss goal is important.

For example, staying low on foods that contain a lot of starch is necessary and keeping beverages that can affect your weight and blood glucose away is necessary.

While certain type of foods should be avoided in order to help you manage diabetes, you can explore these ten diabetes "super-foods" from the website of

Take Your Health Seriously

Apart from watching the type of food and beverages you consume, it's also important you look into other aspects of your health and ensure you make your health top priority. While your physician and supporters such as family members and your kind friends will always take care of you, as the most important member of your support group, the responsibility to take good care of your health lies with you.

This starts from the type of drugs and medications you use. While most drugs may be recommended by your physician, you should also ensure you do some findings on the drugs and understand their side effects before using them.

Certain types of diabetes medications such as Invokana, which has once been approved by the FDA, has some serious side effects you should always be aware of. Some of the side effects of Invokana include the following: high levels of blood acids in diabetes patients, dizziness, lightheadedness and dry mouth.
By being able to manage diabetes, you can lead a fun filled live and still enjoy the normal things you love such as snacks and drinks.