3 Startups That Will Change How You Drive In 2017

With countless tech startups touting new aftermarket vehicle gadgets, I’ve narrowed down to my favorite 3 that will truly change the way you drive. These products are the perfect combination of sleek design, problem-solving functionality, and prices that won’t break the bank. Step into the future with Hudly, ZUS, and Traptap.

1. Hudly Head-Up Display set out to change the driving narrative for everyone, from car enthusiasts to road trip adventurers. The head-up display (HUD) projects your phone’s screen onto your windshield, allowing you to use your favorite navigation and messaging apps while keeping your eyes focused on the road. You can also access key vehicle diagnostics like speed and fuel directly in your line of sight, letting you drive safer and smarter.

I was wowed with the clarity of the projected image and how well it performed under different lighting conditions. What sets Hudly apart from the competition is its open platform. Project absolutely anything on your phone; every driving experience is completely tailored to the individual driver’s needs. As head-up displays become more common in new vehicles, I have no doubt Hudly will be a top aftermarket choice. Order your HUD today.

2. ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor keeps your tire pressure in check and alerts you when your tires leak air. Maintaining the right pressure helps extend your tire’s life, improve fuel consumption, and make driving safer. Based on a study by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, 1 in 4 cars on the road have under-inflated tires, which greatly increases the risk of an accident by 3X! Buying a ZUS can also easily pay for itself in fuel consumption savings. The startup completed a successful Indiegogo campaign and is set to launch its product in August 2017.

3. Traptap Speed Trap Monitor serves a dual purpose: alerting drivers to upcoming traffic, school zones, and other road hazards, and letting you know if there is a speedtrap or police officer using a radar detector ahead. The device is easy to set up. Stick the small, circular button inside your vehicle and connect your phone via Bluetooth. Simply press the Traptap and it will alert other drivers in the area to an upcoming police officer or road hazard. Don’t get caught off-guard on the road.

How will you upgrade your driving experience in 2017? It’s now easier than ever to get the data you need at your fingertips, and these 3 aftermarket devices work well together to help you drive smarter and safer. Imagine driving on your next road trip with Hudly projecting Google Maps on your windshield, Traptap keeping an eye out for speedtraps, and ZUS making sure the tires are in tip top shape.

Give these products a test drive - you won’t be looking back.

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