3 Steps to Change Your Life: Positive Affirmations Right Now

3 Steps to Change Your Life: Positive Affirmations Right Now
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"You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which 'clicks.'" --Florence Scovel Shin

It seems as though for the past few centuries the human mind has been brainwashed into thinking that they are too fat, too thin, too smelly, too emotional, too slow, too poor, and too imperfect to love themselves and the life they live. With advertising companies and the falsity of television shoving more products and false realities to make our society less ugly and more beautiful, the thought process of the Whole has become one big mess, and more people in this country are not living their true heart's desires because they were told,and believed, that they weren't good enough.

I fell victim to this brainwashing as well, growing up watching MTV reality shows, where all the women were skinny with big boobs and blonde hair, my 12-year-old self believed that to be the norm, and hated that she wasn't that. My self talk was beyond negative, it was downright hateful. I'll say it, I hated myself for almost 11 years of life, and because of this I was a failure in my eyes and in the eyes of society.

The subconscious mind is probably the most naive, fragile part of the human consciousness that exists, and when filled with darkness it will certainly create a dark reality right before your eyes. The conscious mind, however, has a choice, which is what makes it the gatekeeper of what reality manifests and what reality doesn't. When we give our power away, and become an unconscious expression of life, we dis-empower ourselves. However, with faith, willpower, and personal thought control combined you can completely change from someone who is not living their dreams, to someone who is living them to the fullest. it's all about re-writing your mental script.

It's this simple, if you're constantly telling yourself, "I suck, i'm going to fail, I'm a loser, I'm so ugly, I hate myself, I wish I would die," this is the reality you will create for yourself. You will feel like a failure and you will look ugly, and you definitely will hate yourself.

It's all about finding the authority in yourself, coming from an empowered place, and taking back the pen of your subconscious mind and writing in the things you KNOW you really want to hear!

You can change your life with positive affirmations right now with these three simple steps.

1. Use your breath to clear any negative thoughts that are floating around in your mental or emotional body; and I mean breathe! Deep breaths are cleansing for the soul, and you'll need to reconnect with the part of you that you detached from when your innocence got taken advantage of.

2. Find the right words that FEEL best for you to actually believe what you are saying! An affirmation that causes an "aha" moment, and clicks, is an affirmation to be used daily. Your mind and emotions are directly connected, what you think is, right now, creating what you feel, and what you experience in your reality. Find words that ring with your essence, and make you feel closer to love than you had before.

3. Learn to let go. This might be the hardest part for anyone out there exploring or using positive affirmations to change their reality. In order for the new to come in you must release all that which no longer serves you, and that means letting go! Some become so attached to their pain bodies they forget that it's okay to leave that behind and step into the New World that offers peace of mind and positive vibes. If affirmations "aren't working for you" then maybe you haven't let go enough. The art of letting go is simple, and it begins with objectivity to emotions and detachment to ego.

Becoming the master of your mind is the first step to freedom in this reality. So many people are trapped in their own heads, looking for a way out, not realizing how simple it truly is to change your mindset. Application of affirmations is not only revolutionary for the receiver, but to anyone the person comes in contact with; high vibrations are contagious. We all carry a spark inside us that is waiting to be lit so the light can shine bright. Positive affirmations are the word and the way, you don't have to wait for someone else to tell you how awesome you are, be your own best friend and greatest support system, because you are the Grand Master of attracting the people, places, and events that are happening in your reality right now.

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