3 Steps to Create MAGIC in 2015

The new year is here. It is a point in time where many of us stop, reflect on the past year and see what changes could be made in the new year to make the next year better than the previous one.

Here are three steps to consider if you want to create MAGIC in the new year.

Step 1: Commit

Time seems to be in short-supply in your busy life. So the first step is to commit a certain number of minutes dedicated to YOUR growth. Pick a number that you will stick to, come hell or high water.

Step 2: Choose

Next is to choose anywhere from 3 to 5 things that you think are important for you to live a good life. You define what is living a good life is for you. These could be common topics such as health, wealth, relationships, peace of mind etc. Or something out of the ordinary (e.g.: adventure, world travel etc.)

Step 3: Care

This is an important step as the rubber meets the road here. Every single week, use the time you have committed to get the things that you chose to live a good life to as many people as possible in your world. You read it right, use the time committed to care for others to get what you think are important to live a good life.


Why will this create MAGIC?

It's simple - it is the way of the universe - you get what you put out. If you know what are those things that will help you live a good life, then start caring enough to bring those things in the lives of people around you. YOU will automatically start living a blessed life.

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Have a fabulous 2015!