3 Summer Office Yoga Treats

Ever wish you could have a midday office escape?
Ever wish you could have a midday office escape?

Sometimes, in the hot days of summer, one of the hardest places to be can be the office. During a season when everyone’s mind is on vacation, companies will often offer some fun and healthy activities to keep employees happy. As the founder of an office yoga company, every summer, I am pleased by the fun ways companies are bringing yoga into their workday. Below are my Top 3 Summer office yoga treats!

Rooftop Yoga

In New York City, companies are beginning to take advantage of rooftop space. If your office has the space, bringing in an office yoga professional to instruct on the roof can be a real treat! Just make sure to schedule your class in the early morning or evening, unless you want a natural hot yoga session!

Park Yoga

Especially popular with clientele with offices near Central Park, sometimes yoga in the park is just the thing to perk up the mood at the office during the summer. One thing to make note of: Group size. In some parks, if you have a group of 20 or more people, you’ll need a permit!

Destination Yoga

Inspired by the allure of an exotic yoga retreat, sometimes a local destination can have just as much of an escape feeling. Last year, we hosted a boat-based retreat called Yoga Yacht, where we took clients on a boat from Wall Street to Rockaway Beach, for fun in the sun and yoga. There are many beautiful destinations close to most major cities. Coordinate with a local office yoga company and play a mini-retreat for your office, or plan your own.

Sometimes, a small yoga treat is all you need to stay happy at the office in the summer. If you have a regularly scheduled office yoga program, why not switch it up a little for the summer? And if that’s not enough, maybe it’s time to take a real yoga retreat.

Lauren Coles is the Founder and Lead Teacher of Daisy Yoga in New York City, where she brings yoga to people at work. She is the creator of Office Yoga Teacher Training, the first research-based Office Yoga training program. She believes in the power of yoga to improve people’s relationship with their minds and bodies, and aims to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves through simple yoga and meditation.

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