3 Super-Simple Tricks For Painting Your Own Nails

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Painting your nails at home always seems like a good idea at first. (Cheap, fast and in your underwear...) But between the streaks and the smudges and the general fear-of-screwing-everything-up anxiety, you could end up swearing off the process forever. First, calm down (you can do it). Second, read up on three genius tricks that will help you finally master the at-home mani.


1. Always leave your thumbs for last. They come in handy if (sorry, when) you need to clean up any edges. Instead, paint your pointer or pinky finger first. Then slowly work your way over to the rest of your digits.

2. Don't fear the non-dominant hand. To ensure that both sides are equally polished, think backward: Keep your non-dominant hand (the one with the brush in it) in one place and move your dominant hand underneath it to catch the paint.

3. Never worry about getting a little polish on the surrounding skin. Just let your nails dry and harden overnight. Then the next morning in the shower, you can peel off the mistakes like magic.

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