3 Surefire Ways To Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Let's face it, like many promises new years resolutions are made to be broken. One of the most common new years' resolution is " Not to make one." and many even don't stick to that! Statistically of the 45% of people in USA making resolutions, only 8% are successful are keeping them. Those are hard odds to beat.

Or is it? The new year is is a new start. Full of hope and dreams of a better us. As the new year approaches we start making plans for the upcoming year. We start dreaming of a new life. A new us. That one thing we need to change about ourselves and that we will "definitely" work on consistently. Have you thought about the one life style change that could really benefit you?

I must have made all the below resolutions a number of times over the past years. The biggest resolution I have struggled with is of course is one of losing weight. Many a January me or my family members have joined the gym during their sale only to never go after the first few weeks, choosing instead to become anonymous donors to the gymnasiums' ever growing business.

Better Money Management. Losing Weight. Being more Healthy. Changing you Lifestyle. Learn something new. Travel more. Read more. Live Life More Fully.

These are the most popular new years resolutions. And there are businesses that take advantage of our vulnerable desire to better ourselves. Every business understands that there are people who need help this time of the year and they take advantage of it. Of course for people who truly need the help should use any assistance they can in achieving their goals. But many people see it as a short cut to reaching their supposed goal and thus fail. The plan to use this time to score clients is smart business planning but is it really the best way for us ?

Commit to Your New Years Resolutions
Commit to Your New Years Resolutions

Human nature does not allow for easy change. But below are the simple ways in which you can ensure sticking to your New Year resolution/s in the upcoming year. 

Have Realistic Goals

People often think of this time as a magical time for success. But any goal you set for yourself needs to be realistic. People often start off in a sprint and lose steam halfway down the road. Resolution is a firm decision to do something. But it is not something that can simply begin in January and be done by June. People often begin something in a haze, enthusiastic that their new attitude will bring about the fulfillment they desire.

Solution : Your journey of transformation should be doable and defined. Need to lose weight? Have a goal like 1,2 pounds a week. Want to read more? Commit to reading 2 books a month or 15 minutes of reading time a day. Planning to hit the gym? Schedule the time and length of the trip assessing the travel time as well. Maybe observe your progress and adjust the aim accordingly. This makes the change more permanent.

There is Only One Secret to Reinvention

If you look at any of the new years' resolutions it is basically a desire to re invent. People commit thinking that it will change your attitude, like snapping your fingers. Reducing stress, being happy is something you have to choose to do every moment. And the one secret to that is Self Love. With all our daily lists of "to dos", the love you have gets spread more to the circle of love around you than to you. Yes, loving yourself is the first step to accepting that the change needs to come from within. That is your source that fires up your will to truly commit to commitment.

Solution : Understand your true nature and tweak it a little bit every day. Reinventing yourself needs you to take the decision to commit every single moment of the day. Taking help from other is great but first and foremost understand the only person who can help you is You!

Do Not Allow for Procrastination

The last step to any resolve is persistence. It will be days, weeks before you can feel the change within you. You have to keep at it for the change to become a habit. We all have been living a certain way all of our lives. To be able to unlearn what is rooted within us and accept new things takes a lot of effort. Continuous tweaks and hard work is the only way to adapt a way of life into a habit.

Solution : To need to take charge of your commitment, you need to be accountable. Keep a diary. Log your progress in your phone. Develop a buddy system. Make yourself map the reinvention of a new you. That is the only way any difference can really be make. For when you note down and discuss your progress is only when you understand what needs to be amended in your path.

Above all, be positive going in. Remember your approach to something is half the battle. Forgive yourself for your moment sof weakness. In fact, calculate those days into your planning. After all is not a one time decision. Every new morning is a time to re commit to your resolution for reinvention! I wish you all the best for your new journey to a new you in the up coming new year!

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