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3 Tactics to Effective Goal Setting

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From experience, I am a firm believer that anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it. But in order to continuously focus of your goals, they need to be real and a true reflection of you and what YOU want. Which is why I created an effective goal setting guide to help walk you through the process in a more practical approach. At the end of the guide, I hope that you will take away some invaluable tips required for effective goal attainment, and most importantly, implement them in your process. But in the meantime, here are three key things to pay attention to when setting goals.

As you know your goals should be SMART -- Specific to who you are and what you want, Measurable -- you must be able to anticipate what it will feel like when you achieve that goal. The emotion. Attainable -- Do you have resources needed to achieve that goal? Or are you going to create them. Relevant -- Is it really tailored to you, your values, your personality? And Time bound -- Can you set a deadline and stick to it!!

1- Pay attention to your Motivational Drivers: Why are you setting this goal? Taking the time out to understand what the real motive behind you setting a goal will determine whether or not you should embark upon it. Get to the nitty gritty and break it down. Am I really doing this for me? The majority of the reasons why most goals are never met is because thought is not really put into them. We create them in the spur of the moment, not realizing that... well maybe this really doesn't resonate with me. Until midway of course, when the overwhelm starts to build up, we give up.

2. The Implementation Phase:Having a set plan, further broken down into action plans gives you a structure for moving from one step to the next. If you don't have a map, steps or a plan to reach your goals, the chances of you achieving them or working towards achieving them are slimmer. I am a lover of vision boards and have been using them for the past 4 years to help me properly set & pay attention to the goals I have set for myself. I think that the creative and visual approach of using vision boards gives more energy and focus to the attainment process.

3 -- Overcoming setbacks: Sometime we will encounter setbacks as all plans aren't fool proof. But being innovative & creative with ways to overcome them will help you move forward. Try looking at your setbacks as a learning opportunity. Ask yourself, what can I learn from this? By doing so, you can ensure that it isn't repeated as a cycle, as you will know how to handle the situation the next time around. For example how I explained in my previous post.

As indicated, I created a mini guide, and in it I walk you through video recordings ,which supports these three points as well as the guidebook. Take one goal you have set for the year, which has been lacking progress and analyze it using this process. The SMARTER goals you set, the better... There is still ample time to achieve those goals you've set for yourself this year, therefore; If you would like to challenge yourself, download the guide here. .

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