3 Tech Millennial Entrepreneurs Make It Easy to Like Work

It can be difficult to like traditional work. That’s why, this week, I connected with 3 tech millennial entrepreneurs who are making it easy to like work again. My goal: to share some tricks and tips on making it easy to like work.


A couple of weeks back, I listened to Lauren Mosenthal and Eileen Carey, female millennial co-founders of Glassbreakers, a Tinder-style peer mentor matching technology platform that aims to create more women leaders in business. Last week, I spoke with Maisie Devine, a female millennial entrepreneur and the tech startup founder of Savvy, a pocket recruiter (iOS and Android) for busy, professional women who want to work for the perfect-fit company (per her preferences). With Eileen and Lauren in mind, and with Maisie’s help, I put together 3 top tips on how you can like work:


Find the right fit company and job. It is possible you are at the right company and could have a better job. Perhaps, you have the right job and are not at the right company. Define what is your “right fit” company and job and go after it!


Cultivate relationships. Once you start on your path to your “right fit” company and job, make sure you cultivate a relationship with your “right fit” company and/or hiring manager - to the point that they consider you an ideal candidate for the company and/or the job. Maisie suggests you can start doing this over “periodic coffee or lunches.” Go grab some caffeine!


Ask for the job and anything else you want! Yes, you have to ask for what you want. So, get your Moleskin notebook out and write out what you want exactly! Write down your ideal hiring package, such as ideal salary (commission, if applicable), benefits, and anything else that’s important to you - like the opportunity to work from home (at least some days of the week)! Then, at the point you are offered the “right fit” job, negotiate for what you want!


Here are my top 3 tricks on getting you to your “right fit” job and to like work again:


Become confident in your “right fit" company and job. Perhaps all you need is a mentor to make more sense of what’s around you and to get promoted (or switched into another job). If this is the case, try Glassbreakers.co! If you need help finding the “right fit” company or job, try www.savvy.jobs.


Become a relationship pro. It’s not too difficult. Use LinkedIn and Twitter and ask people out to coffee, lunch, or a simple 15-minute call (to start).


Become a salary negotiator. Regardless of whether you will stay in your current company and job or not, you will want to negotiate salary. Feel confident about negotiating by looking up how much others are paid at your “right fit" company and job. Try Salary.com and Glassdoor.com to get your numbers in order before asking for what you deserve! Then negotiate and get what you deserve!

All said and done, I am confident in your ability to find the “right fit” job and like work again! Go get what you want and deserve!

Lolita is a wife and a millennial who loves food, travel and tech. She is a sales tech intrapreneur by trade and a social entrepreneur by nature. Lolita produces, speaks, and writes, at times. She lives in sunny San Diego with her husband and puppy. Follow her on Twitter: @LolitaTaub


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