3 Tips for Free Sessions That Sell

Most coaches don't know how to find their ideal clients so they can start a conversation. That's why offering free get acquainted sessions is such a powerful tool for attracting high end clients.

But don't get me wrong. This is no "pick your brain" type of session. The purpose of the call is not about handing out free strategies and advice. Rather, it's a powerful way to start a potential client relationship and for you both to discover if you are a perfect match.

So how do you create free sessions that sell? Here's some advice to grow your coaching or consulting practice.

1) Give it an Enticing Name. The words "free consultation" or "complementary assessment" are overused. Instead it could be a Business Breakthrough session, or a Sell Your Home in 7 Days session or a Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Power session. Remember sell the sizzle not the steak! Create a name that reveals the results they will get by working with you.

2) Create Irresisable Invitations to Your Free Session. Create social media graphics to let people know about it. Share a case study about the results you have helped a client to create in your email newsletter. When you meet people in person say "Hey, I'd love to offer you a free session, let me send you information on that." Put a link on your email signature inviting people to sign up. Create a social media post about 10 Reasons to Work with You. Put a popup on your home page inviting them to a free session. Invite them to a free session on your thank you page after they sign up for your free report..

2) Make it Easy to Schedule a Session. Make a link on your main navigation for people to access your sign up form for the session. After they fill out the form, sending them to a scheduling tool like Calendly make it easy for someone to choose from the available session slots you have. Plus it integrates with your Google or Outlook calendar.

3) Conducting the Session.
Free sessions do work if you do them right and understand the process. The purpose of the session is NOT to do free coaching or resolve a client challenge. It's about understanding their needs and challenges.


  • Ask what they'd like to see happen in their business
  • Find out what's stopping them from having that success
  • Ask them what it's costing them in their business by not having that issues solved
  • Listen: Ask them to tell you more. Listen attentively. Show them you understand their challenges
  • Share: how your product or service helps them overcome that.
  • Ask them what was most helpful to them about the session.
  • How it works: let them know your process and what they can expect working with you.
  • Set a limited amount of time for the session and honor that. If you say it's a 30 minute session, then stick to that.
  • Make them an offer of ways they can get started with you. You could offer a pay in full option that is slightly discounted or a pay as you go option that is a bit more expensive for the convenience. Ask them which works better for them.

Here's to booking free sessions that will quickly get coaching clients, earn great money, and build a thriving coaching business. When you show up the right way--powerfully, confidently, with the intention to give during your session people are going to be naturally attracted to you.