3 Tips on How to Deal With Tragedy

How Do You Deal With Tragedy?

After the Brussels terrorist attacks I wanted to write a few ways on how one can deal with tragedy. You and I will deal with tragedy in our lives. The tragedy might be the death of a love one or the death of a friendship or the loss of a job.

A tragic event is anything that makes you feel at a loss; a tragic event is one that makes you feel horrible and at times makes you feel like you cannot move forward.

How to Deal With Tragedy:

1. Take Your Time With Tragedy. It takes time to recover. Sometimes it takes months and sometimes it takes years and that is fine. You have to take your time and really let out all feelings of sadness and frustration. It is okay to cry and it is okay to spend time alone. It is okay to fall into a rut. We all do. Take your time. Being positive can be tough at times and this too is okay. Take your time to feel better. You will have days where you feel like not getting out of bed and days where you feel like you don't want to talk to anyone. All this is fine. Take your time.

2. Only Hang With Supportive People.
You should only hang with supportive people. One of the only positive traits to tragedy is that you will see which one of your friends is supportive and which ones are not. Only talk to, message or hang with people that support you during this time. Just because someone says be positive doesn't mean they are supportive. Be around those that accept you for all the emotions that you are going through.

3. Try and Be Hydrated and if You Can Eat Healthy. Hydration is the key. It is very very easy to get dehydrated and dehydration leads to depression. And since you are already depressed because of the tragedy, I want you to keep hydrated. Drink lots of water.

Take your time with tragedy and take your time with overcoming tragedy. Take your time. Weep, Cry and take your time with sorrow.

Please understand that there is no timing to overcome a tragedy in your life. Take your time with the loss.