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3 Tips to Blast the Holiday Bulge

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Ho, ho, ho... yep, it's that time of year again.

This year I'm inviting you to do your holidays differently, though. Instead of more sugar, stress, and alcohol, I have three tips, and if you put them in place, it could be your best holiday season yet.

The holidays are a time of tradition, which also means deep patterning in your beliefs and habits. I know my mind used to say to me... how can I change years of family ways, dessert options galore at every cocktail party, and feeling as if I have to please everyone?

Great news is, you can by starting with these three proven tips below...

3 Tips to Blast the Holiday Bulge:

1) Make Your Health A Priority: There's no need to try to please Aunt Edna this year and eat her rum cake just to save her feelings. Learn how to respectively decline and know that Self Love Is Not Selfish!

2) Change Your Mindset: If you choose to have a bah-humbug attitude towards the holidays, unfortunately you will pull towards you more situations that are stressful and complicated. Let all that go, loosen up, and Concentrate On Having Fun!

3) Get Support & Stay On Track: Accountability partners are perfect substitutes to diving head first into the peppermint bark when overwhelmed. The only reason I am where I am today with my weight, health, success, and abundance is because I have a mentor and a community that has my back. This means ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT, two of the most crucial aspects of lasting results with your weight and health.

I want you to go into the holidays with a mindset that EXPECTS it to be amazing, not just hopes it to be. This means you are preparing yourself to focus on the people, not the food. You are exercising daily, even if you're out of town. And you get enough sleep, even if you're staying in hotels.

You can do this and it will make you feel empowered and in charge, lessening the fear in your mind that this needs to be hard.

It doesn't.

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