3 Tips to Help You Dress for Success

This blog post was written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Caitlin Moynihan of Towson University.

Next time someone tells you to 'dress for success' or to 'dress for the job you want', take them seriously. Trying to decide what to wear can be one of the most stressful aspects of an interview, and it can surprisingly have a huge impact on how the interview turns out. Here are my three tips on how to show up to an interview looking, and feeling, great!

1. Comfort is key! Who said that dressing for success meant being squeezed in Spanx and teetering on too-tall heels? Ditch that myth and go through your closet looking for your most comfortable stylish clothes and incorporate your favorite pieces into your interview outfit. Have a favorite pair of jeans that give you killer confidence? Then pair them with a classic blazer to instantly make your everyday jeans look job ready. It's all about finding the balance between comfort and looking professional for your job. The only thing that you should have to focus on during the interview is making sure you answer all the questions, not re-arranging your sitting position every five minute because your skirt is making it hard to breathe.

2. Know the atmosphere The last thing you want to do is to show up to an interview wearing something that makes you stick out in a bad way. While showing off your personal style and creativity is important, you don't want to show up in a business casual suit while everyone else is sporting leather pants and stylish booties. When I interviewed for my first internship at Girls' Life Magazine I researched the editor that was going to meet and found information on what her favorite work outfit is and what her current favorite style trend was. Thankfully I did this and I was able to get a great idea about what the workplace would be like and I was able to choose an outfit that I knew would be appropriate for the environment.

3. Be yourself I know that this is one of the most cliché things to say, but it's completely true! Although it is important to know the expectations of the company and to reflect its style and order, don't conform to what you know. It can be easy to go into an interviewing wearing what everyone else does, but that is creating false advertising for yourself and ultimately setting yourself up to act/dress that way for the remainder of the interview process. If you know that blazers and skinny jeans are the norm, then wear those while still adding your own personal touch. Who says you can't wear a classic blazer while rocking your favorite tee? Showing your potential your employer your creativity and personality is key so they get a better insight on what kind of employee you will be.

If you follow these basic guidelines, you'll be sure to ace your interview in style. Figuring out specifics on what over-all style to wear can be difficult if you have little background info on the company, luckily Lauren Berger of Intern Queen has got that covered. Check out her blog post on how to make sure your dress code is on point for a specific company here. Good luck, and remember to have fun!