3 Tips to Help You Start Storytelling

It's the middle of the day and I'm surrounded by entrepreneurs. The room buzzes with conversation.

We are natural storytellers. We tell stories with every new exchange. We could even tell the same story over and over again without realizing we're storytelling!

Entrepreneurs are wired to share stories. We're armed with the desire to make an impact in the world. And we tend to naturally share our desire through success stories or benefits of a certain product or service.

Personal storytelling takes our opportunity of sharing to a new level. When we personalize a story we reach a wider audience and gain awareness as a business leader.

Sharing with the masses on a personal level can be daunting. Here are three quick tips to help you get out of your head and move through that fear of starting.

Think of Lessons You've Learned

We are in an instant society. We're all looking to learn something new from an expert. YOU are one of those experts. You've gained lessons from your experience as a business leader. What lesson can you share through a personal story?

Here are a few examples to get you going:

How did you gain confidence as a business leader?
How do you empower your employees?
How do you create balance in your life as a business leader?

Each of those questions are stories for you to personalize! You're welcome. Get going!

Hashtags Are Your Friend

One of the quickest ways to start storytelling is to use a daily hashtag as a launching point for your story.

What can you share personally as a result of one of those hashtags? Tie your story into your experience as a business leader and join in the hashtag conversation.

Trend in Your Market

Is there a hot topic happening in your area of business that you can respond to? Watch trends and use your blog, LinkedIn profile or even Medium.com to add value to a conversation that exists in your business sector.

Be sure to include your expertise and any research or statistics that you and/or your business has collected.

Storytelling can start at any point in the day!

Starting is the hardest part! Use one of these tips to help you get started today!

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