Three Tips To Stop Obsessing Over An Ex

We had mental health and relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere stop by the program to talk to us about what to do if you’re obsessing over an ex. His new program is called Exaholics (, and it's an online community designed to help people get through their breakups.

In our chat together, Dr. Jeff mentions his three tips you can use to help stop obsessing over someone and move forward with your life.

3 Tips To Stop Obsessing Over An Ex

  1. Avoid the “People, Places, or Things” You Associate With Them

    “If you’re having trouble [getting over them]”, Dr. Jeff says, “do not put yourself in a place where you could run into the individual. “Associate with different people, go to different restaurants than you’re used to.” Relocating some of your day-to-day activities will help you look over your shoulder less and look forward to new experiences more.

  2. Find a Healthier Obsession

    Healthy eating, exercise, even “tap dancing” - find a hobby that requires your attention and energy, and fill your time with that! Take the brain space you were using to think of “them” and turn it towards something else.

  3. Make Yourself Happier

    Seek out situations where you can “validate who you are.” Believe in yourself and your purpose. Take Dr. Jeff’s word for it - “You know that old saying, without him I am nothing? Honey, without him, you are everything!”

You can watch the full interview here.

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