3 Tools You Need to Plan Your Eurotrip Route

If you’re planning to travel in Europe soon, you are probably doing some research on what tools or websites you really need to make the most out of it. Definitely, besides airfare and accommodation, tours and land transportation are really important while making your budget for an Eurotrip. Here we have some websites, tools and apps that will definitely make your life easier while doing your research and also, when you have already arrived in Europe.


One of the things that worry most of the travelers -regardless of where they go- are finding tours that actually let them experience the destination in the most authentic way. TourMega is a tour search engine that allows you to find almost any type of tour in your destination. They actually have one of the largest inventory of tours online. Think about something you would really like to do in a place, and most definitely you will be able to find it in TourMega.

This is a great tool to plan your Eurotrip because you will be able to find tours tailored to specific experiences you must have in different European cities. Some of these experiences are taking cooking classes in Italy, a chocolate and pastry tour in Paris, watch live a FC Barcelona match in Camp Nou, dine with Greek locals or go into a wine and shopping tour in Milan.

The great thing about TourMega is that it have tours for everyone’s budget. This will help you find the best tour experience without having to spend a lot of money for it. Since it has so many options, you won’t need to spend hours searching on different engines for something to choose from.

For more TourMega tours visit their website or follow them on their social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).


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Flixbus is a bus service that run among many different European cities always offering amazing prices. If you’re looking to make the most out of your budget during your Eurotrip, you might schedule your visits and transfers using these bus which in some cases might take longer, but you will definitely be able to save a lot. For example, you can find tickets to routes such as Paris-London for 18,90€ or Hamburg-Prague for 28,00€.

Their app might help you a lot to plan those flash visits you might want to do while traveling. A great thing about FlixBus is that if you change your mind about going somewhere, you can cancel it without any fees and use the payment you have done on any other trip with them. Definitely, this is something you need to consider if you’re trying to save the most and have amazing vacations in Europe.


MetrO is an app that allows you to find routes in 400 cities. You only need to download the cities that you will be visiting and after that, you can look for routes with no need of an internet connection. Definitely, this is something you can do using Google Maps, but for that, you will need an internet connection. Once you have downloaded MetrO and the cities you will visit, you won’t have to worry about finding the right route for visiting the main landmarks. The app is available for Apple.

Definitely, there are many other tools that will help you plan an amazing EuroTrip. These ones are definitely not the only one you should use, but they surely will make your trip and transportation a lot more easier during your time in Europe.


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