3 Top Aussie CEOs Say Having a Facebook Page Isn't Enough

3 Top Aussie CEOs Say Having a Facebook Page Isn't Enough
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As business owners, by now we should all know that we need to be on social media. And if you're like me, when you think of social media, you think of Facebook. It's no wonder: in Australia alone, Facebook has 15 million active users, accounting for about 63% of the Australian population!

Like many of us, you've probably taken action and created a Facebook page for your business. Maybe you did a few promotional posts, or told people to come check out your business -- but that was about it. Frustrated by not seeing any immediate return, you more or less abandoned it, thinking to yourself "I really need to do something with my Facebook page..." -- yet not taking any real action.

But as anyone who owns a successful Facebook business page can verify, that time is now. Indeed, for business owners and entrepreneurs, networks like Facebook aren't just a trend, but rather a necessity. So I sought out three top CEOs -- all of whom have mastered the art of Facebook for business -- for their insider tips. As they are about tell us, simply having a Facebook page isn't enough.

Tailor your message to match your target client's thought patterns

"In order for us to gain a following and capture new leads, we have to create a connection. It's important for us to not only understand how our target audience engages on social media, but more importantly how they think," says Ben Simkin, CEO of BusinessNET.

Simkin is no stranger to using social media. His company has generated over 1.45 billion in sales using Facebook ads for himself and his clients. (Yes, you read that correctly: 1.45 billion. It's no wonder he's regarded as one of the most successful Facebook marketers in the industry.)

What's his secret formula? "It's all about getting inside your client's head. The more in-tune you are with your ideal client, the better you can tailor your message to match their thought patterns," he reports.

Simkin emphasizes that, if you create content or advertising on Facebook that doesn't flow from your client's internal dialogue, an immediate disengagement will occur, causing followers and potential clients to turn away.

That's why it's so critical that you post content that's intentional and targeted: according to Simkin, 'content for the sake of content' is a critical error and should be avoided at all costs.

Play the newsfeed's game

A key component in building a substantial Facebook following is delivering value to your audience. For Jack Delosa -- founder of Australia's biggest educational institute for entrepreneurs -- the even bigger question is, "How can we actually deliver consistent value that users engage in?"

For Jack, the answer lies in playing the newsfeed's game: staying on top of the current trends that are leading to engagement on social platforms. Don't just pay attention to what's trending and talk about it. Instead, pay attention to how the type of content is being delivered, and how users are engaging with it.

For example, right now, live video content is outperforming other types of content (e.g., images or text posts) on Facebook. And this trend wasn't lost on Delosa, who successfully reaches over 60,000 people organically each week just by running a live Q&A session.

But if you're ready to hit 'live video' button, not so fast. Delosa's #1 advice for those who are considering live streaming? Don't overdo it: going live too frequently can come off as annoying or spammy.

Treat your live streaming like you would a phone call to a friend. Don't just pick up the phone and reach out when you need something; rather, be considerate, entertaining, and have something of actual interest to talk about.

Stay true to who you are

Want to figure out how to nail social influence? Take a few notes from mega influencer Ashy Bines. With a global following of over 3.8 million, this Aussie fitness trainer is transforming more than just booties.

In a world where businesses can often come off as nameless, faceless corporate entities, Bines' genuine, personal, and relatable social media presence has generated an enormously positive response.

To that end, Bines highlights the importance of staying true to who you are, so people feel valued and connected. That means putting effort into personally replying to and engaging with your followers. Bines does this so well that many of her followers refer to her as their "social media best friend."

From staying on top of trends to being authentic to understanding your target market, social media presents many challenges for business owners. But as social media masters like Simkin, Delosa, and Bines demonstrate, it also presents immense opportunity for growth and prosperity.

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