3 Ways Aged Care Facilities Can Get Ahead With Public Relations

3 Ways Aged Care Facilities Can Get Ahead With Public Relations
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If you're in the aged care industry, you'll know that when it comes to the well-being of a loved one, people need to first develop trust in the standard of care an aged care facility has to offer. The building of trust and reputation is where public relations is vital.

PR is all about building the positive perception of a company and communicating what it has to offer. An aged care facility should adopt a PR strategy that is based on building reputation and showing what separates the company from its competitors.


Here are some PR tactics that aged care facilities can use to build their profile and communicate the benefits of their care:

Find the story
It's worth taking some time to think about what your company and its brand stands for. Every business has a story to tell, and it's just a matter of finding and telling it to the target audience. One way to do this is to uncover the 'one thing' about the care you offer that isn't offered by your competitors.

Aged care is all about a company being entrusted with the care of people who cannot necessarily care for themselves, so creating faith in the brand is vital. By telling authentic stories about the way your company cares for its residents, trust can be built with your audiences.

Share expertise through blogging
Blogging is a great way to communicate the company message, engage the target audience and share expertise. You can blog about what the facility is doing, share inspirational stories of those in care, and also discuss upcoming events.

By showcasing the day-to-day care, the reputation of the company will be boosted in the community, while also authentically displaying moments that make your readers feel closer to the company. Also, by giving expert advice and expertise in managing people who need aged care, the company will start to be seen as an industry leader.

Reach out to the media
Appoint a company spokesperson who can speak to the media on the company's behalf. Journalists will be more likely to write a story about the company if they have someone to interview and quote. The primary spokesperson needs to be someone senior in your organisation, like a CEO or general manager. However, at other times you might want to have a spokesperson to talk about certain areas of expertise, like a doctor talking about health care for seniors.

Don't be afraid to call or email journalists, and pitch them newsworthy angles they may be interested in. Holding events can be a great way to attract media attention and can be where you introduce your spokesperson to journalists. To make a great media opportunity, consider having some of your residents speak at the event about the quality of care they receive.

Public relations is important for building the reputation of an aged care facility. To build trust and credibility for your company, use a PR strategy that tells a personal story. Every organisation has a story to tell, you just have to find what it is and share it with the right audience.

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