3 Ways Entrepreneurship Is Helping Evolve the Role of a Woman

What do you think of when you think of the role of a woman in society in your country? What do you think about women’s roles in the Middle East? When I went to the Middle East with The F SHOW World Tour, the perspective on women became crystal clear: it’s great. My conclusion: entrepreneurship is helping evolve the role of a woman by demonstrating three facts:

1. Women are world travelers.

In Kuwait City, I met with female millennial entrepreneur Fatima. Her travel blog and services business is changing the Kuwaiti perception that women cannot travel alone. Fatima travels around the world for her blog alone, without an escort - something that is still not the standard in the middle east - and yet is starting to be more and more common as other women in her city ask Fatima how she does it and how they can do it too!

2. Moms are great business leaders.

In Dubai, I interviewed Mona, a female millennial mompreneur. She runs both a successful social enterprise and an online marketplace to empower emerging mompreneurs in Dubai. Mona is debunking the myth that moms should simply have children, take care of them, and their husbands.

3. Men and Women are equals.

Also in Dubai, I met with female millennial entrepreneur Disha. She is co-founder and partner to a man who together own an end-to-end incubator and small business consulting business. Disha eliminates any question raised in terms of whether men and women leaders can work together. Yes, we can.

The role of a woman is not simply to bare children and stay at home. Businesswomen prove that women are equals to men, great mom leaders, and world travelers!  

Lolita is a wife and a millennial who loves food, travel and tech. She is a sales tech intrapreneur by trade and a social entrepreneur by nature. Lolita produces, speaks, and writes, at times. She lives in sunny San Diego with her husband. Follow her on Twitter: @LolitaTaub


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