3 Ways the Internet of Things Can Make Your Life Better

For as far back as history can tell, man has always been in search of ways to do things better. Throughout the various times the specie called man has survived, he has learnt to use whatever tool he has at his disposal to improve his way of life or the way he interacts with others.

At a time in history, it was about striking stones against each other to get fire, fire to be used to roast a fresh kill or to preserve food so it won’t be wasted. At that time, it was about using leaves or animal skins as coverings and shelter from harsh weather.

At some other point in history, man found out that he could get his fire from other sources like electricity, gas and even from the sun itself. He also found out several ways through which he could preserve his food from wastage. Leaves became a thing of the past and man upgraded to using different materials for his clothing.

With time, man discovered the internet. The advent of the internet helped man to discover several ways to lead a better life. Information was now easier to get. People completed business transactions in good time. Social media became the lifeblood of many, and new innovations came alive.

But it has been discovered that there’s more to the internet than just meets the eye. In our quest as humans to improve our standard of living, we again stumbled on yet another new thing: The Internet of Things (IoT). You’ve probably heard of it, right? It’s been around for quite a while now!

But what exactly is this Internet of Things?

IoT is majorly the concept of connecting any device that has an off and on switch to the internet (and/or to each other). How about an example?

While you were rushing out for the day’s work, you forgot to feed your darling cat. With a pet feeder which is connected to your smartphone, you could make sure that your pet is fed. Thanks to the internet, you can control the pet feeder at home through your phone. This is a simple explanation of how the Internet of Things works.

Now that you know what IoT is and how it works, I’m sure you must be imagining how it can help make your life better. Well, that’s what I’ll be discussing in this article.

Because of how wide-reaching this topic is however, I’ll be discussing IoT based on how it can help us in some aspects of our lives, namely our Personal Life, our Home and our Business.

1. Your Personal Life

Most of us usually have more than our fair share to handle when it comes to our personal lives. Health issues, what goes in and out of our body, stress level, how much rest we get, are some of the many things that make up our personal lives.

So, how can Internet of Things help make your personal life better?

With IoT, you can now have smartwatches that monitor your heart rate, how well your body system is and what is needed. These smartwatches can get all these information and then transfer them to your doctor who is on vacation is some foreign country. Your doctor can easily make prescriptions based on the data, and thus, you can enjoy better health.

2. Your Home

Ever heard of Smart Homes? That’s one of the features of IoT. Most of these smart homes have gadgets which are inter-connected and also connected to the internet. The alarm which has been set can send a signal to the coffee maker which can brew your coffee.

Your fridge can alert you when you’re just about to run out of milk and with IoT, you can have security features which will send real time videos to your phone in due time. This saves you time, helps you to know ahead of time what you need and what you don’t and keeps the home running smoothly.

3. Your Business

No matter the business, you can enjoy the benefits of the Internet of Things. Your car which is connected can send a message to your office and let them know you will be running late. The same car can help you to get to your business meeting faster with a map that is connected to transportation networks which will help you to dodge that crazy traffic jam.

In the office, data about your business can be compiled by these gadgets which then send them to data analysts who can use it to come up with better ways to help your business grow bigger and get better. And best of all, you can and should use antivirus software like MonsterCloud so you won’t have to worry about any of these gadgets being infected with virus or ransomware.

These are just some of the many ways the Internet of Things can help make your life easier and better. Of course, the possibilities with IoT are endless. Whatever you’re involved with, just remain on the lookout.

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