3 Ways the New Mobile Phone Features Can Help Grow Your Business

The need for small business to increase their profitability and productivity through mobile technologies such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, devices running Google Android and Windows 7 Mobile or using Blackberry is constantly surging as these technologies grow and expand. Small business owners wonder how to keep up with this ongoing growth of business technology and mobility. As a business grows to keep up with the times, so does the need for more complex information from presentations to accessing documents and various applications to execute various mobile tasks.

The latest features mobile technology can integrate an even wider variety of applications and software, thus facilitating collaboration and communication in a variety of settings more than ever before. Mobile technologies are also offering new approaches to working as well as new products and services to customers.

Here are three significant areas where mobile technologies are changing the way small businesses and companies are doing business:

Networking / Communication

Mobile technology allows companies to have an unprecedented level of connectivity between employees, vendors, and/or customers.

The latest mobile phone features not only operate faster, but also facilitate networking and communication between employees, vendors, and/or customers. For example, small business owners can download a special app designed for note-taking and other special features to help prepare for networking and communication easier. With the right app, your smartphone or tablet can become a note-taking machine. These notes can serve in a meeting with a potential client.


The e-commerce world is significantly changing the way the world is doing business from e-commerce apps that offer a more enhanced shopping experience whether you're booking a ticket for a special event or purchasing a pair of boots from an online retailer. The more apps you download, the more storage space your mobile phone will need. As pointed out in this article, the world of technology is moving towards an increased focus on data storage.


Today's mobile devices have larger screens with crisp photo resolutions and brighter colors which appeal when giving a spontaneous sales presentations to potential clients. Forget powerpoints or slides filled with texts. A mobile device can easily be toted along, but better yet, its compact format lends itself to keeping the information short and impactful whether you're in a meeting or networking. Because the visual features of mobile technologies are clearer and crisper than ever before, consider taking advantage of these features to present meaningful information that can serve your business goals.

The latest in the features of mobile technologies increase productivity and profitability. Along with their applications and software, it has become easier than ever for small business and companies to collaborate and communicate with customers from all over the world.